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Here you will find archived letters send to the VIPAC mailing list. Feel free to remail these letters at anytime you feel them to be appropiate.

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Date[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! Let Jews Live & Build in Jerusalem!Sun 9 Dec 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Your PLO Support over TempleThu 6 Dec 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Do to others as you would have themSun 25 Nov 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! Don't Betray Israel in Annapolis!Mon 19 Nov 2007[Vipac-letters] =?iso-8859-1?q?Support_Israel=3A_Needed_=96_Confi?=Sun 11 Nov 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Sovereignty on Temple Mount & ALLMon 5 Nov 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Make A Strong and Democratic IsraelSun 28 Oct 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Arab Attacks Doom Proposed PeaceFri 19 Oct 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Rule in Biblical Homeland! (VIPAC)Fri 12 Oct 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel's fight for life against PLOTue 2 Oct 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Say No to an Arab State in IsraelFri 21 Sep 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel over PLO! Judgement Day is Here!Wed 12 Sep 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Destruction of Hamas MissilesFri 7 Sep 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Peace in IsraelFri 31 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel like RudyMon 27 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel like Rudy & OPPOSE PLO state! (VIPAC)Fri 24 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] VIPAC: Support Israel: Security of Israel isFri 17 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Sovereignty in all of Jerusalem andFri 10 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Continuing Attacks Against Our AllySun 5 Aug 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Rule in West Bank for DivineFri 27 Jul 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Concessions to Arab Despots WillFri 20 Jul 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli Rule in West Bank & Gaza! (VIPAC)Fri 13 Jul 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Redirection of Efforts towardSun 8 Jul 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israeli rule in West BankFri 29 Jun 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Don't give $ to terrorists!Fri 22 Jun 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Bucks for PLO TerrorFri 15 Jun 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: End the Double StandardFri 8 Jun 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel and USA against PLO/Al-Qaeda Terror!Mon 28 May 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: End Palestinian Arab AttacksFri 18 May 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel and Fort Dix! End Dollars for PLOFri 11 May 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: End Re-Supply of HezbollahFri 4 May 2007[Vipac-letters] =?iso-8859-1?q?Support_Israel=3A_Land_For_Peace_D?=Fri 30 Mar 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Dollars for PLOThu 22 Mar 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel not Iran's Proxies in PLO! (VIPAC)Sun 18 Mar 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! End Bush Funding of HamasThu 8 Mar 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: Dollars to PLO puts bullets inFri 2 Mar 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! No Bush Funding for Abbas PLOFri 23 Feb 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel: US Aid to Palestinians PromotesFri 16 Feb 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! No Funds or "Political Horizon" forWed 7 Feb 2007[Vipac-letters] Support Israel! No USA guns or funds for PLO!Thu 25 Jan 2007
663moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Violations of Supposed Truce With Israel Must Thu 4 Jan 2007
662melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End US Arms embargo of Jewish State! (VIPAC)Fri 29 Dec 2006
661moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Attacks Threaten our Democratic AllyWed 20 Dec 2006
660melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No PLO terror state! (VIPAC)Fri 15 Dec 2006
659moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Linkage of Israel to Iraqi Unrest is Counter Thu 7 Dec 2006
658melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel in Entire Biblical Homeland! George Washington Sun 26 Nov 2006
657melsant@vipac.orgVIPAC Alert! VIPAC crushed by Cyber Attack!Sun 26 Nov 2006
656melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel in Biblical Homeland! George Washington would! Sun 26 Nov 2006
655moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: The World Must Stand Up Against Fri 20 Oct 2006
654moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: End United Nations Aid to Arab Terror Thu 12 Oct 2006
653melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No US Funds for PLO/Hamas Axis of Evil!(VIPAC)Fri 15 Sep 2006
652moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Diplomacy Must Insure Gains Made in Lebanese War Fri 8 Sep 2006
651melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Blockade of Lebanon until Jewish Prisoners Fri 1 Sep 2006
650melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Blockade of Lebanon until Jewish Prisoners Fri 1 Sep 2006
649moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Thank you for your support in the face of the Thu 24 Aug 2006
648melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Force Hezbollah out of LebanonThu 17 Aug 2006
647moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Israel is fighting with us in our war against Thu 10 Aug 2006
646melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Victory over Hezbollah Terror! (VIPAC)Tue 1 Aug 2006
645moishb@vipac.orgThank you for Supporting Israel in its War With The Lebanese Thu 27 Jul 2006
644melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Fight for Freedom from Arab Terror!(VIPAC)Thu 20 Jul 2006
643moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Terror Must Be StoppedFri 14 Jul 2006
642melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's fight against Arab terror in Gaza! (VIPAC)Fri 7 Jul 2006
641moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Terror Earns No Aid No Support and No StateThu 29 Jun 2006
640melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not Arab lies and land-grabs! (VIPAC)Thu 15 Jun 2006
639moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: "The Abbas Referendum: Not a Peace PlanThu 8 Jun 2006
638melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Arabs abuse their kids to kill others! (VIPAC)Thu 1 Jun 2006
637moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: When Palestinian Arabs Elect a Terrorist Thu 25 May 2006
636melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Arabs "NEED TO GO" not Israelis! (VIPAC)Thu 18 May 2006
635moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Palestinian Arab Terror Regime Promotes Terror Thu 11 May 2006
634melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Illegal Bush Aid to Hamas Terrorists! (VIPAC)Fri 17 Feb 2006
633moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Palestinian Arabs Elect Terrorists to Power in Thu 9 Feb 2006
632melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush Aid to Hamas Terrrorists NOW (VIPAC)Sat 28 Jan 2006
631moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Stop Pressuring Israel to Make Concessions to Arab Wed 18 Jan 2006
630melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush Aid to Evil PLO! (VIPAC)Fri 6 Jan 2006
629moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Stop Rewarding Arab Terror- Disband Palestinian Fri 30 Dec 2005
628melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush Push for free transit for PLO Thu 22 Dec 2005
627moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Aid to Arab Palestine Contributes to the Murder of Thu 15 Dec 2005
626melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's right to protect its borders from PLO Thu 8 Dec 2005
625moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Support of the Palestinian Arabs Encourages Thu 1 Dec 2005
624moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: End Aid to the Palestinian Arab Authority - Fri 25 Nov 2005
623melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush Pressure to Surrender to PLO Tue 15 Nov 2005
622moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: End American Support of Terror Regimes Fri 11 Nov 2005
621melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Bush funding for Hamas is criminal!(VIPAC)Fri 4 Nov 2005
620moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: More Innocent Israelis Murdered - Pressure on Fri 28 Oct 2005
619melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush support for PLO terror state!(VIPAC)Sun 16 Oct 2005
618moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Anarchy In Arab Gaza will not bring peaceFri 14 Oct 2005
617melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Stop going soft on PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 6 Oct 2005
616moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC - .Support Israel: Most Recent Israeli Concessions Have Only Thu 29 Sep 2005
615moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End US negligence of PLO terror! (VIPAC)Tue 27 Sep 2005 Support Israel: State Tue 13 Sep 2005
613melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Stop your funds & guns for PLO! (VIPAC)Thu 8 Sep 2005 Support Israel: Further Concessions to the Arabs will Thu 1 Sep 2005
611melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli rule in Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim!(resendsorry)Sat 27 Aug 2005
610melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli Rule in all Jerusalem and Ma'ale Adumim! (VIPAC)Thu 25 Aug 2005
609moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC - Support Israel: No More Israeli Concessions Until the Thu 18 Aug 2005
608melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Stop Bullying Israel to Surrender to PLO Terror! Thu 11 Aug 2005
607moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC Thu 4 Aug 2005
606melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Don't Praise PLO Terror! (VIPAC resendsorry)Thu 28 Jul 2005
605melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Don't Praise PLO Terror! (VIPAC)Wed 27 Jul 2005
604melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! PLO terror state threatens USA! (VIPAC)Thu 21 Jul 2005
603moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC Thu 14 Jul 2005
602moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC - Support Israel: London Attacks Result From Appeasing Arab Thu 7 Jul 2005
601melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End Bush Aid to PLO terror! (VIPAC)Tue 28 Jun 2005
600moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC Thu 23 Jun 2005
599melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Destroy Islamist homicide bombers! (VIPAC)Thu 16 Jun 2005
598moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC Thu 9 Jun 2005
597melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO terror attacks! (VIPAC)Mon 30 May 2005 Support Israel: Rewarding Terror Will Not Lead to PeaceThu 26 May 2005
595melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End US subsidy of PLO racism! (VIPAC)Wed 18 May 2005 Support Israel: US Must Cease Support of Apartheid Against Thu 12 May 2005
593melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Destroy PLO before PLO destroys US! (VIPAC)Fri 6 May 2005
592 moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC: Support Israel: End Arab Terror Against Israel Thu April 28 2005 9:43 pm
591melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No racist expulsion of Gaza's Jews!(VIPAC) From: Wed April 20 2005 10:43 pm
590melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO racist regime! (VIPAC resend no typos)Fri 15 Apr 2005
589melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO racist regime! (VIPAC)Fri 15 Apr 2005
588melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Keep your promise of Israeli rule in Ma'aleh Sun 3 Apr 2005
587moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: No concessions to Arab Terror Fri 1 Apr 2005
586melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel for security against PLO terror! (VIPAC)Fri 25 Mar 2005
585moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC - Support Israel: Amnesty for Hezbollah Thu 17 Mar 2005
584melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Destroy PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 10 Mar 2005
583moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC: Support Israel: Arab Formula for Peace- Hatred Bombs Shootings and RiotsFri 4 Mar 2005
582melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No PLO state to lauch future 9/11's! (VIPAC)Fri 25 Feb 2005 17 Feb 2005
580melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Demand PLO give us killers of Americans!(VIPAC)Thu 10 Feb 2005 Support Israel: No concessions until Arabs stop their policy of incitement. Thu 3 Feb 2005
578melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO terror state hurting U.S.A! (VIPAC)Sat 29 Jan 2005
577moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Hatred of is Root of Attacks Against Israel and the Free WorldThu 20 Jan 2005
576melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Don't invite new PLO chief terrorist here! (VIPAC)Thu 13 Jan 2005
575melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No White House invites for PLO terror chief!(VIPAC)Thu 13 Jan 2005 Support Israel: Transfer of Funds to Palestinian Arabs Encourages and Supports TerrorThu 6 Jan 2005 Support Israel: One Sided Concessions Will Not Bring PeaceThu 30 Dec 2004
572melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO/Hamas terror state! (VIPAC)Sun 26 Dec 2004
571moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC) Support Israel: The right of Jews to live in peace and security in Gaza and Judea and Samaria is a basic principle of democratic enterprise.Thu 16 Dec 2004
570melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End funds for PLO terror! (VIPAC)Fri 10 Dec 2004 3 Dec 2004
568melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not attacks on US Jews! (VIPAC)Thu 25 Nov 2004
567moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel and the Right of Jews to Live In Gaza Judea and Samaria - It is time we listened to what the Arabs are really saying and not want we want to hear.Fri 19 Nov 2004
566melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO state of terror! (VIPAC)Thu 11 Nov 2004
565moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Evil Continues with Murders by 16 year old Terrorist Fri 5 Nov 2004
564melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Arrest Arafat when he lands in France!(VIPAC)Thu 28 Oct 2004
563moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Confront Arab Terror At Its Source Before It Comes to Our ShoresThu 21 Oct 2004
562melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No funds for Hamas in UN! (VIPAC)Thu 14 Oct 2004 5 Oct 2004
560melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Expel PLO killers from USA! (VIPAC)Wed 29 Sep 2004 Support Israel: End the Murder and Humiliation of IsraelisThu 23 Sep 2004
558melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO call for extermination of Jews!(VIPAC)Wed 15 Sep 2004
557melsant@vipac.orgShana Tova New Year greetings from VIPACWed 15 Sep 2004
556moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC:Support Israel Time to Act Against Those Who Support Arab Terror?=Fri 10 Sep 2004
555moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab Terror Must Stop Today!Wed 1 Sep 2004
554melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO criminals! (VIPAC)Thu 26 Aug 2004
553moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: In America it's called a bias crime in Arabia you are_a_hero!!Thu 19 Aug 2004
552melsant@vipac.orgPollard served his time! Let him go!Thu 12 Aug 2004
551moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel and America: Islamic Fundamentalists Are a Common EnemyThu 5 Aug 2004
550melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel & Dare Kerry to Support End of PLO! (VIPAC)Thu 29 Jul 2004
549moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Stop Sending US Dollars to Promote Arab HateThu 22 Jul 2004
548melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's-& U.S. Court's-fight against PLO terror! (VIPAC)Tue 13 Jul 2004
547moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Support Israel's Barrier Against Arab TerrorThu 8 Jul 2004
546melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO nursery bombers! (VIPAC)Wed 30 Jun 2004
545moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC: House of Representatives Supports the Existence of Israeli Towns and Cities in Post 1967 Israel Thu 24 Jun 2004
544melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's fence around Ariel! (VIPAC)Thu 17 Jun 2004
543moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC: Support Israel: We Cannot Support an Arab State That Excludes Jews and ChristiansThu 10 Jun 2004
542melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not brazen PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 3 Jun 2004 Support Israel: We must stand with Israel in its struggle against the enemies of Democracy.Thu 27 May 2004
540melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not UN resolutions appeasing PLO terror!(VIPAC)Thu 20 May 2004
539melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO corpse peddlers! (VIPAC)Tue 11 May 2004
538melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO massacre of Hatuel family!(VIPAC)Thu 6 May 2004
537moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel and the Right of Jews to Live In Peace Throughout the Middle EastThu 29 Apr 2004
536moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Thank You for Your Support Against Arab TerrorThu 22 Apr 2004
535melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel with actions not empty words! (VIPAC)Thu 15 Apr 2004
534moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: The War in Iraq and the War in Israel are Against a Common EnemyThu 8 Apr 2004
533melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel and Save U.S.! No dollars for Arafat!(VIPAC)Thu 1 Apr 2004 Support Israel: America is Fighting the Same War as the Israelis.Fri 26 Mar 2004
531melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO kid-killers! (VIPAC)Thu 18 Mar 2004
530moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Prevent Arab humiliation of JewsTue 9 Mar 2004
529moishb@vipac.orgWe ApologizeTue 9 Mar 2004
504mendy@vipac.orgProblem with the VIPAC list.Fri 27 Feb 2004
503mendy@vipac.orgProblems With the VIPAC list.Fri 27 Feb 2004
502melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Demand cosponsorship of HR 1823 & 3460!Sun 22 Feb 2004
501moishb@vipac.orgWhy I Support Israel is Why You Should Support Israel!Thu 19 Feb 2004
500melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End $200 million for PLO terror! (VIPAC)Wed 11 Feb 2004
499melsant@vipac.orgVIPAC NEWS ALERT! FRIEDMAN FRETS BUSH HEARS US!Sun 8 Feb 2004
498moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Claims of Jewish Apartheid and Terror are Just a Diversion from Arab EvilThu 5 Feb 2004
497melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not PLO state & get reelected!(VIPAC)Wed 28 Jan 2004 22 Jan 2004 Support Israel - Put an End to Arab Terror and ViolenceThu 15 Jan 2004
494melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No funds for PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 8 Jan 2004
493moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Politics Has No Place in Humanitarian CausesFri 2 Jan 2004
492melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Defeat PLO and end U.S. tribute to terror!(VIPAC)Wed 24 Dec 2003 Support Israel: The Right to Live As a Jew Throughout IsraelFri 19 Dec 2003
490melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Don't use my money for Arafat's terrorists!(VIPAC)Tue 9 Dec 2003
489moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Judenrien Arabs Accuse Israel of Apartheid Thu 4 Dec 2003
488melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel and H.R. 3460! No US funds for PLO terror!(VIPAC)Thu 27 Nov 2003 20 Nov 2003
486melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End U.S. subsidy of PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 13 Nov 2003 Support Israel: Terror Must Be Defeated Before There Can Be PeaceThu 6 Nov 2003
484melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! End US support of PLO terror state! (VIPAC)Wed 29 Oct 2003 Support Israel: Arab Police During the Day and Murderers at NightThu 23 Oct 2003
482melsant@vipac.orgProtest A7 shut down! Sign online petition!Mon 20 Oct 2003
481melsant@vipac.orgThanks for Support of Israel! Eliminate PLO terror! (VIPAC)Thu 16 Oct 2003 Support Israel: Put An End To Terror Wed 8 Oct 2003
479melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's right to defend Ariel! (VIPAC)Mon 29 Sep 2003 Support Israel: Israel Has No Obligation To Create Another Arab StateTue 23 Sep 2003
477melsant@vipac.orgVIPAC's Shana Tova New Year's Greetings!Sun 21 Sep 2003
476melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Veto Arafat's ability to murder more! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Sep 2003
475melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No more 9/11's for US or Israel! (VIPAC)Sun 7 Sep 2003 Support Israel: Arab Provocations Are a Detriment to PeaceWed 3 Sep 2003
473moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC: Support Israel - Get Rid of Arafat and Evil ArabsFri 29 Aug 2003
472melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Dare to name and destroy Arab terror! (VIPAC)Tue 19 Aug 2003
471moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Road Map to War!Wed 13 Aug 2003 5 Aug 2003
469melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's wall against terror! (VIPAC)Mon 28 Jul 2003
468melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not Arafat's terrorist lackey Abbas! (VIPAC)Tue 22 Jul 2003 Support Israel: No Reward for Continuing Arab Terror!!Tue 15 Jul 2003
466melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's fight on terror! End Roadmap Appeasement!(VIPAC)Sat 5 Jul 2003 Support Israel: The Road Map Begins But the Terror Does Not Stop!!Fri 4 Jul 2003
464melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Destroy Hamas PLO PA and all terror gangs! (VIPAC)Thu 26 Jun 2003 15 Jun 2003
462melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Rebuke PLO terror not Jews' self-defense! (VIPAC)Tue 10 Jun 2003
461melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel not Quartet's Road to Hell of PLO Terror Sanctuary!(VIPAC)Sun 8 Jun 2003 Support Israel: Road Map To Peace or WarWed 4 Jun 2003
459melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Don't repeat costly US errors appeasing PLO!(VIPAC)Fri 30 May 2003
458melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Appeasing Arab Terror threatens US!(VIPAC)Mon 26 May 2003 22 May 2003
456melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli ally AGAINST terror not Saudi allies OF terror! (VIPAC)Fri 16 May 2003
455melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Sharon against PLO's phony "right of return"(VIPAC)Wed 14 May 2003
454melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel building homes not PLO building bombs! (VIPAC)Mon 12 May 2003
453melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's Sharon! NO flood of phony PLO refugees into Israel! (VIPAC)Thu 8 May 2003
452moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Do Not Ask Israel to Do What America Will Not Do (VIPAC)Sat 3 May 2003
451melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's right to defend itself like America! (VIPAC)Fri 2 May 2003
450melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's fight for life not Arab lust for death! (VIPAC)Mon 28 Apr 2003
449moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arabs Support Continuation of Muder Not PeaceThu 24 Apr 2003
448melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli sovereignty not Islamic reign of terror in Judea! (VIPAC)Tue 15 Apr 2003
447moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: No Double Standard In The Fight Against TerrorFri 11 Apr 2003
446melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli Sovereignty in Judea and Samaria to fight Terror! (VIPAC)Fri 4 Apr 2003
445moishb@vipac.orgVIPAC - Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs Support Saddam Hussein Mon 24 Mar 2003
444melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! No PLO terror state to replace Saddam's Iraq! (VIPAC)Mon 17 Mar 2003
443moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel : America's Enemies are Israel's Enemies Tue 11 Mar 2003
442melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel's fight to crush PLO in Gaza & West Bank!(VIPAC)Wed 5 Mar 2003
441melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israeli sovereignty in West Bank to stop PLO terror!Sun 2 Mar 2003 Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs Support Saddam Hussein Israel Supports AmericaFri 28 Feb 2003
439melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Americans don't want PLO State! (VIPAC)Thu 20 Feb 2003
438moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Support Our Friends and Not Our EnemiesThu 13 Feb 2003
437melsant@vipac.orgCorrected: Support Israel best US ally against Arab terror! (VIPAC)Wed 5 Feb 2003
436melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel America's ally against Arab terror!(VIPAC)Mon 3 Feb 2003
435moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: There Can Be No Peace Until the Arabs Are Willing to Stop the WarFri 31 Jan 2003
434MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel America's best ally against Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Fri 24 Jan 2003
433moishb@vipac.orgSupport Israel: Arab War Should Put their Claims in QuestionFri 17 Jan 2003
432melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel with more than sympathy! Stop US funding of PLOTue 7 Jan 2003 Support Israel: Arabs are causing unrest in the Middle East and throughout the World Fri 03 Jan 2003
430MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO terror state endangering US! (VIPAC)Fri 27 Dec 2002
429MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Israel's Spirit Follows The American ExampleFri 20 Dec 2002
428MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Listen to Abrams and move US embassy to Jerusalem!(VIPAC)Fri 13 Dec 2002 Support Israel: Being Soft on Palestinian Terror Encourages Al-QeidaThu 5 Dec 2002
426MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and help defeat Islamist terror threatening US!! (VIPAC)Tue 26 Nov 2002
425MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and tear up "road map" for PLO terrorist state! (VIPAC)Mon 25 Nov 2002
424MoishB@aol.comVIPAC: Support Israel - The Arabs Are Unwilling to Make Peace With IsraelMon 18 Nov 2002
423MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! No PLO state in Judea Samaria or Jerusalem! (VIPAC)Tue 12 Nov 2002 Support Israel: Bringing Terrorist Murderers To Justice - America and IsThu 7 Nov 2002
421MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! DC Sniper Muhammad first shot synagogue! (VIPAC)Wed 30 Oct 2002 Support Israel: Take Action Against Sadam Hussein & Yasir ArafatThu 24 Oct 2002
419MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! DC sniper evil & PLO bombers worse! (VIPAC)Fri 18 Oct 2002
418MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight against PLO! Islamic terror is US enemy too! (VIPAC)Sun 13 Oct 2002
417MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: Arab and World Prejudice Against IsraelMon 07 Oct 2002
416MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and Jerusalem as its capital! (VIPAC)Tue 1 Oct 2002
415MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: Israel is Waiting for A PartnerTue 24 Sep 2002
414MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Demand surrender not sovereignty for PLO! (VIPAC)Thu 19 Sep 2002
413MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop CIA training of PLO terrorists! (VIPAC)Wed 18 Sep 2002
412MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: The UN Should Not Subject Israel to a Double StandardFri 13 Sep 2002
411MElsant@aol.comVIPAC News Alert--Presidents listen to American supporters of Israel!Thu 5 Sep 2002
410MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! End US subsidy of PLO terror operations and techniques! (VIPAC)Wed 4 Sep 2002
409MElsant@aol.comRosh Hashana Greetings from VIPAC--Thank you for your participation!Mon 2 Sep 2002
408MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Endorse destruction of PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)Sun 1 Sep 2002
407MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: Arab Murderers of Americans Must Be Brought to JusticeThu 29 Aug 2002
406MoishB@aol.comVIPAC) Support Israel: End Arafat's Occupation of Disputed TerritoriesSun 25 Aug 2002
405MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel America's ally in the fight against Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Thu 22 Aug 2002 Support Israel: End Arafat's Occupation of Disputed TerritoriesThu 15 Aug 2002
403MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Endorse Rumsfeld's defense of Israel against PLO terror!(VIPAC)Thu 8 Aug 2002
402melsant@vipac.org8 Aug 2002
401melsant@vipac.orgSupport Israel! Tell arriving PLO terrorists \"Surrender!\" (VIPAC)6 Aug 2002
400MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel with words AND actions against Islamic terrror! (VIPAC)Thu 1 Aug 2002
399MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Why America Is BlessedTue 30 Jul 2002
398MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop "Heavy Handed" criticism of Israel! (VIPAC)Wed 24 Jul 2002
397MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight against PLO terror and restore moral clarity! (VIPAC)Tue 23 Jul 2002
396MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! End dollars for Arafat! End support for PLO state! (VIPAC) Sat 20 Jul 2002
395MoishB@aol.comVIPAC- Support Israel: No Peace Is Possible With An Enemy You Cannot TrustTue 16 Jul 2002
394MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Expose Terror & Show all All Americans how to Restore Honesty!Wed 10 Jul 2002
393MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Fight Islamic terror! Vote for Resolution #7 to expell PLO! Fri 5 Jul 2002
392MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: "I'm Crying Enough Tears To Fill An Ocean"Thu 4 Jul 2002
391MElsant@aol.comVIPAC news alert: WE MADE BUSH BLINK!Sun 30 Jun 2002
390MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop subsidizing Al Qaeda through Arafat! (VIPAC)Sat 29 Jun 2002
389MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! No Islamic terrorist state for murderous Palestinians! (VIPAC)Tue 25 Jun 2002
388MElsant@aol.comVIPAC News Alert! Our voices are being heard!Fri 21 Jun 2002
387MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Prime Minister Bush would have bombed Ramallah yesterday!Wed 19 Jun 2002
386MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Waiting in Gaza Grieving in IsraelTue 18 Jun 2002
385MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't reward PLO terrorism with statehood! (VIPAC)Tue 18 Jun 2002
384MElsant@aol.comSupport the land of Israel for the people of Israel! (VIPAC)Mon 10 Jun 2002
383MElsant@aol.comSupport Bible's promise of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem and Judea! (VIPACSun 9 Jun 2002
382MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Only Under Israeli Rule Can There Be Freedom For AllFri 07 Jun 2002
381MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Indict and imprison Arab killers of Americans! (VIPAC)Thu 30 May 2002
380MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! End US aid to Arafat's reign of terror! (VIPAC)Wed 29 May 2002
379MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! No US Aid to Arafat! No PLO state! (VIPAC)Tue 28 May 2002
378MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and protect America from PLO Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Sun 26 May 2002
377MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Reject the Myth of an Arab-Palestine (VIPAC)Thu 23 May 2002
376MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Oppose PLO terrorist state! (VIPAC)Mon 13 May 2002
375MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not creation of PLO terrorist state! (VIPAC)Sun 12 May 2002
374MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Allow the Continued War against Arab TerrorThu 9 May 2002
373MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's right to life! (VIPAC)Wed 1 May 2002
372MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Saudi sponsors of Islamic terror!! (VIPAC)Tue 30 Apr 2002
371MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Crush Islamic terror not Israel! (VIPAC)Mon 29 Apr 2002
370MElsant@aol.comTechnical glitch-Resending:Support Israel against Islamic terror threatening allSun 28 Apr 2002
369MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight against Islamic terror that threatens all! (VIPAC)Sun 28 Apr 2002
368MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Pandering to Terrorists is not in the Interest of The United StatesFri 26 Apr 2002
367MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel America's ally in the fight against Islamic Terror! (VIPAC)Sun 21 Apr 2002
366MElsant@aol.comVIPAC NEWS UPDATE!Fri 19 Apr 2002
365MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel In Its War Against Arab TerrorThu 18 Apr 2002
364MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't appease Arafat's terror! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Apr 2002
363MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight for life against Arafat's terrorism of death! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Apr 2002
362MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel in its just war to destroy Arafat's terror! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Apr 2002
361MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Arafat's axis of evil and terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Apr 2002
360MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and Oppose Europeans tradition of Jew Hatred! (VIPAC)Tue 16 Apr 2002
359MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel America's only true friend! (VIPAC)Sun 14 Apr 2002
358MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight against Arafat's terrorism in Judea and Samaria! (VIPAC)Mon 1 Apr 2002
356MElsant@aol.comThanks for supporting Israel but don't waffle on Arafat's guilt! (VIPAC)Sun 31 Mar 2002
354MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Zinni's new safe harbor for Islamic terror!! (VIPAC)Wed 27 Mar 2002
353MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Answer Four Questions by opposing-not appeasing-PLO terror! Tue 26 Mar 2002
352MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop US subsidy of Arafat's Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Sun 24 Mar 2002
351MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't let Cheney meet chief terrorist Arafat! (VIPAC)Wed 20 Mar 2002
350MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop appeasement of PLO and Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Wed 20 Mar 2002
349MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel US ally against Islamic terror--not PL0 ally of Al Qaeda!(VIPAC)Tue 19 Mar 2002
347MoishB@aol.comSUPPORT ISRAEL: Stop Arab Collaboration and MurderSat 16 Mar 2002
346MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop insulting Israel as it fights for its life! (VIPAC)Fri 15 Mar 2002
345MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! PLO terrorist state dangerous for US! (VIPAC)Thu 14 Mar 2002
343MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't betray soldiers fighting Islamic terror! (VIPAC)Sun 10 Mar 2002
341MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Palestinian Arab Murderers Must Be StoppedSun 03 Mar 2002
340MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's war against PLO terrorism for sake of US and Israel! (VIPAC)Fri 1 Mar 2002
339MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop US aid to Arafat's terrorists! (VIPAC)Wed 27 Feb 2002
336MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop US funding of PLO terrorists! (VIPAC)Sun 24 Feb 2002
335MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Palestinian Arabs must make Peace or go live somewhere elseSat 16 Feb 2002
334MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop US subsidy for Arafat's curriculum of hate! (VIPAC)Wed 13 Feb 2002
333MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Urge Israel to dismantle terrorist Palestinian Authority!(VIPAC)Tue 12 Feb 2002
332MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Shut down terrorist PLO UN Mission! (VIPAC)Sat 9 Feb 2002
331MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: Palestinian Arabs are All TerroristsThu 7 Feb 2002
330MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Cut off all contacts with Arafat's terrorists! (VIPAC)Fri 1 Feb 2002
329MElsant@aol.comThank you Mr. President for supporting Israel!! (VIPAC)Tue 29 Jan 2002
328MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel in the Battle Againsst TerrorismThu 24 Jan 2002
327MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: The Facts Do Not Lie - We Must Not Ignore Arab TerrorismSun 13 Jan 2002
325MElsant@aol.comVIPAC and VaeyraWed 9 Jan 2002
324MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: America Must Support Its AlliesWed 9 Jan 2002
323MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! PLO caught with long range missiles for war on Israel! (VIPAC)Fri 4 Jan 2002
322MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's war for survival against PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 1 Jan 2002
319Moishb@aol.comSupport Israel! Add PLO to US list of terrorist12/10/2001
318Moishb@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: No negotiations with an enemy12/10/2001
316MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Thanks for US veto of anti-Israel UN resolution! (VIPAC)Sat 15 Dec 2001
315MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: Eradicate Al Qaeda and Palestinian TerrorWed 12 Dec 2001
313MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Arafat's truce with Hamas means war against freedom! (VIPAC)Fri 7 Dec 2001
312MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop US funds for Arafat's terrorism! (VIPAC)Thu 6 Dec 2001
310MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Add PLO to US list of terrorist entities! (VIPAC)Wed 5 Dec 2001
309MoishB@aol.comVIPAC: Support Israel: Arafat Must Be Next In America's War Against TerrorSat 1 Dec 2001
308MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: No negotiations with an enemy bent on destroying IsraelThu 29 Nov 2001
307MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Hold Arafat Accountable for PLO Terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 20 Nov 2001
304MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's Biblical right to West Bank not PLO's bloody lies! (VIPAC)Sun 18 Nov 2001
303MElsant@aol.comSupport Israeli sovereignty in West Bank not PLO reign of terror! (VIPAC)Sat 17 Nov 2001
302MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight for survival against PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)Fri 9 Nov 2001 Support Israel: No Negotiations With Arabs Who Have No LeadershipThu 08 Nov 2001
299MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's war against PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)Thu 8 Nov 2001
297MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Sharon's fight Against PLO helps USA fight Terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 23 Oct 2001
296MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's demand for extradition of Ze'evi's killers! (VIPAC)Tue 23 Oct 2001
294MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't Applaud Arafat's Terrorism! (VIPAC)Sun 14 Oct 2001
293MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Destroy all Islamic Terrorism! (VIPAC)Mon 8 Oct 2001
292MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Destroy don't excuse Islamic terrorism! (VIPAC)Sat 6 Oct 2001
291MoishB@aol.comVirtual Israel Political Action CommitteeThu 04 Oct 2001
287MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and fight Islamic terrorism consistently! (VIPAC)Thu 27 Sep 2001
285MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and atone for complacency against terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 25 Sep 2001
284MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's permanent destruction of Arafat's terrorism! (VIPAC)Mon 24 Sep 2001
282MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel: An Ally in the Past and TodayFri 21 Sep 2001
281MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Destroy Islamic Extremist Terrorists! (VIPAC)Thu 13 Sep 2001
280MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Do NOT meet Arafat at UN!! (VIPAC)Sun 9 Sep 2001
276MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel: Commending the US Position At the Durban ConferenceThu 06 Sep 2001
275MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Stop State Department's Israel Bashing! (VIPAC)Wed 29 Aug 2001
274MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel with words AND actions against PLO terrorism!! (VIPAC)Mon 27 Aug 2001
272MoishB@aol.comSupport Israel and Its Right to Protect Its Citizens!Mon 20 Aug 2001
270VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: The Jewish People's Heritage in the Holy Land Is An Historic Fact6 Aug 2001
266MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's right of self-defense against PLO terror!!!Wed 1 Aug 2001
265VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: How Long Can We Tolerate the Arab Treachery?30 Jul 2001
264VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: Put an End to World Hypocrisy and Persecution ofthe Jewish People26 Jul 2001
249MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and H.R. 1795! Punish PLO Terrorism! (VIPAC)Tue 17 Jul 2001
242MElsant@aol.compinchas and vipac 2Sun 15 Jul 2001
240VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupporting Israel is Supporting Religious Freedom for All in the Holy Land12 Jul 2001
225MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! PLO terrorism is NOT progress!!! (VIPAC)Fri 29 Jun 2001
218VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: "The world is celebrating the cease-fire but we in Israel are going to funerals."28 Jun 2001
200VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: Arab Murder of Israeli Motorists Is Not An Overture Toward Peace!!20 Jun 2001
197MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's fight for survival against PLO terrorists!! (VIPAC)Tue 12 Jun 2001
181MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's right to destroy PLO in self defense!! (VIPAC)Wed 23 May 2001
178MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! No US aid for PLO thugs! (VIPAC)Sun 20 May 2001
177MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel and reject Mitchell report!! (VIPAC)Fri 18 May 2001
172MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel: Don't invite terrorist chief Arafat to White House!! (VIPAC)Mon 7 May 2001
171MElsant@aol.comVIPAC NEWS RELEASEMon 7 May 2001
161VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: The Blood of Jewish Children Will Now Be On American Hands18 Apr 2001
160MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel: Stop US support for PLO terror! (VIPAC)Tue 10 Apr 2001
159VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel - Stop the Arab Murderers Now!5 Apr 2001
158MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel: Stop US encouragement of PLO terrorism!!Thu 29 Mar 2001
157VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel Against Our Enemies21 Mar 2001
156MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's right to self defense and stop funds for PLO! (VIPAC)Wed 14 Mar 2001
155VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: No Peace With a Beligerent Arab Enemy5 Mar 2001
154MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel: Stop State Department Slander of Israel's right of self defense!Mon 26 Feb 2001
152VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: The Arabs Cannot Deny Historical Truths22 Feb 2001
151MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel against PLO's vicious war!! (VIPAC)Tue 13 Feb 2001
150VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel - There can be no peace until the Arabs are ready to co-exist with Israel9 Feb 2001
148VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel - The Ability to Live In Peace and Security Is Being Destroyed6 Feb 2001
146MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel's defense against PLO's war of extermination!! (VIPAC)Fri 2 Feb 2001
145MElsant@aol.comFighting media anti-Israel biasFri 2 Feb 2001
144VIPAC vipac@listbot.comVIPAC email addresses for new administration29 Jan 2001
143MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO killers of Americans!! (VIPAC)Sat 27 Jan 2001
142VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: Arabs Do Not Want Peace With the State of Israel26 Jan 2001
141VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel- There Can Be No Peace With an Uncivilized Foe23 Jan 2001
140VIPAC vipac@listbot.comVIPAC: Support Israel - Negotiations Cannot Take Place Until the Arabs Show That They Want Peace18 Jan 2001
139MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel in its war for survival against PLO! (VIPAC)Mon 8 Jan 2001
138VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: Do Not Pressure Israel to Give Up Its Security5 Jan 2001
137VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel: No Peace Talks Can Be Held in a Climate of War3 Jan 2001
100MoishB@aol.comvipac SOURCESThu 12 Oct 2000
98VIPAC vipac@listbot.comSupport Israel:Israel has No Peace Partner12 Oct 2000
87MElsant@aol.comThe fate of Jerusalem is in your hands! (VIPAC)Fri 29 Sep 2000
79Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comFree The Iranian Jews - Support IsraelThu 6 Apr 2000
78MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO NazisThu 30 Mar 2000
74MoishB@aol.comThey Don't Feel PeaceFri 24 Mar 2000
73MElsant@aol.comLet Dulberg sisters go home to Israel and Judaism!! (VIPAC)Sat 18 Mar 2000
70MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO war program (VIPAC)Fri 17 Mar 2000
68MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Hezbollah terrorists in LebanonFri 3 Mar 2000
64MoishB@aol.comThe Jewish Week - RegionsSun 27 Feb 2000
63Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comVIPAC _ Support IsraelThu 24 Feb 2000
62MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO terror (VIPAC)Mon 14 Feb 2000
61Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 10 Feb 2000
60Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comVIPAC - A Message To Our MembersFri 28 Jan 2000
59Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 27 Jan 2000
58MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Arafat's war effort (VIPAC)Fri 21 Jan 2000
57Martin Berkowitz moshb@juno.comVIPAC _ Support IsraelThu 13 Jan 2000
56MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Arab terrorists! (VIPAC)Thu 6 Jan 2000
55MElsant@aol.comWhat have you done for Israel this week?Thu 6 Jan 2000
50MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO crimes! (VIPAC)Fri 10 Dec 1999
38MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO terrorism (VIPAC)Sun 31 Oct 1999
35moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 28 Oct 1999
34MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! Don't give money to PLO terrorists! (VIPAC)Thu 21 Oct 1999
33moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support Israel - Free Iranian JewsFri 15 Oct 1999
32MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel! No U.S. Dollars to terrorist PLO!! (VIPAC)Thu 7 Oct 1999
31moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelWed 29 Sep 1999
30MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not Arafat's Terrorist Army!!! (VIPAC)Wed 22 Sep 1999
29moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 16 Sep 1999
28MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO war plansSun 29 Aug 1999
27moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 26 Aug 1999
26MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO criminals!!!! (VIPAC)Sun 22 Aug 1999
25moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelTue 10 Aug 1999
24MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO terrorism!!! (VIPAC)Fri 6 Aug 1999
23moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelWed 28 Jul 1999
22MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel NOT Syrian Drug Lords!!! (VIPAC)Thu 22 Jul 1999
21moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support Israel and Free The Iranian JewsWed 14 Jul 1999
20MElsant@aol.comSupport Israel not PLO terrorists!! (VIPAC)Mon 5 Jul 1999
19MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Free the Jewish Prisoners in Iran and Support IsraelThu 01 Jul 1999
17MoishB@aol.comVIPAC - Support Israel and Our Fellow Jews Throughout the WorldFri 25 Jun 1999
15MElsant@aol.comMove Embassy to Jerusalem--Obey US Law not PLO (VIPAC)Sun 20 Jun 1999
12moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelFri 18 Jun 1999
11moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelThu 3 Jun 1999
10MElsant@aol.coma vipac oldieSun 23 May 1999
3moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelWed 19 May 1999
2moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelSun 9 May 1999
1moshb@juno.comVIPAC - Support IsraelWed 21 Apr 1999



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