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Date: Wed 21 Apr 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel

Dear Sir

This week the modern State of Israel celebrated the 51st Anniversary of
its rebirth. After almost 2000 years despite the almost continuous
presence of Jews in the land and in Jerusalem in particular a modern
democratic Jewish state was born.

The country is currently in the midst of a major election campaign that
will decide how it will proceed over the next five years. In the past
decade major changes in the State's policies regarding the Palestinian
Arab population have been made. In response after nearly a century of
intransigence and hostility against the Jews of Israel the Arabs have
made a "major concession" - the Palestinian National Charter has
purportedly been amended so that it no longer calls for the destruction
of Israel.

Israel the victor in a number of defensive wars has recently made its
own concessions toward peace relinquishing to the Arabs administrative
control of a significant portion of Judea and Samaria and the Gaza.
Despite the fact that these areas are vital to the defense of the
Israeli heartland concessions were made in an effort to obtain a lasting
and secure peace.

A recent news report quoted a prominent Palestinian official as calling
for Israel's return to the borders of the proposed 1948 Partition Plan.
Falling back to the borders proposed in 1948 would be suicidal for Israel
and its population. Despite the major concessions made by Israel there
appears to be no let up by the Arabs in their efforts to weaken Israel in
an effort to "throw the Jews into the sea." This "dream" of the Arabs was
the slogan of their campaign against the Jewish State before independence
and in the wars since. Despite all concessions the Arabs remain steadfast
to their desire to destroy the Jewish State and all its inhabitants.

A recent letter to the Editor of the International Edition of the
Jerusalem Post entitled "When Peace Will Come" clearly provides the
answer to the question posed by author Naomi Ragan's questions" When
will we also stop killing and hating? and When will the military
cemeteries of the Middle East grow old?"

The response by the writer: "When the rulers of the Arab countries
and their people publicly accept that there is a place for a democratic
independent Jewish state in the Middle East which is the ancient
homeland of our people the place where Judaism was born almost 4000
years ago.... Until then Israel must remain steadfast. No more land
without real peace."

I go one step further. No more concessions or even discussions until the
Arabs agree that Israel is the Jewish homeland in Palestine and that no
efforts can or will be made to attack its sovereignty or injure its

I urge you to support Israel steadfastly in its dealings with the Arabs.

Respectfully yours

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