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Date: Thu 06 Sep 2001
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: Commending the US Position At the Durban Conference

Dear Sir:

I commend the decision of your administration to have our country's delegation leave the Durban Conference on Racism. The Conference is being turned into a political tool of the Arabs among others and its true purpose is being lost.

For the world to call Israel a racist nation is the biggest of hypocrisies. Had Israel chosen in 1948 and again in 1967 to exclude Arabs it could easily have expelled those who chose to remain. In 1967 it could have destroyed the Moslem holy places. It chose not to do any of these things because among other reasons it recognizes that such a policy is not acceptable to the world at large.

The Arab nations on the other hand display policies that rise to the heights of racism bigotry and apartheid. Not only Jews but also all non-Moslems are excluded from Saudi Arabia.

In Lebanon the treatment of Palestinian Arabs borders on the barbaric. An article written by James Farah an Arab-American journalist writing on the Internet in decries the treatment of the Palestinian Arabs by their Lebanese brethren.

Farah cites a report from "the Jordan Times - not exactly a mouthpiece for the vast international Zionist conspiracy" which states that "Under the Lebanese labor law that governs foreigners Palestinians are denied 74 forms of employment; Palestinians face tight exit and entry requirements; Palestinians in Lebanon are not allowed citizenship; Palestinians are confined to 12 camps with no medical social or educational services from the government and are barred in some of those camps from building or even repairing homes. Some in Lebanon have even recognized the "racist" nature of this anti-Palestinian campaign - policies far worse than anything ever contemplated by Israel. "

These are the people who are trying to censor Israel for its treatment of a hostile and anarchist minority.

I commend you for your support of Israel in the face hypocritical Arab pressure and urge you to continue to support this democratic island in a world of oppression and hate.

Respectfully yours




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