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Date: Sun 29 Aug 1999
Subject: Support Israel not PLO war plans


Dear Sir

This past week the Israeli army discovered another tunnel leading from
Egyptian controlled territory into the PLO controlled city of Rafiah in the
Gaza Strip. The material found in the tunnel showed that it was used to
smuggle large quantities of sophisticated weapons into the hands of the PLO
in violation of the Oslo and Wye Accords.

Why is your administration silent about this? Does the PLO program of
arming for its next war with Israel not concern you? Does the repeated
flagrant PLO violation of peace agreements not bother you? Do you accept
with equanimity the PLO's program of readying itself for its next bloody
jihad with Israel?

Please stop your administration's silent acquiescence to the PLO's war plans.
Instead publicly and vigorously support Israel's right of sovereignty in
its historical and Biblical homeland including all the Jewish settlements in
Judea Samaria and the Golan Heights.


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