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Date: Sun 9 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Do NOT meet Arafat at UN!! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

Your administration's principled words and actions supporting Israel at the
Durban conference had a positive effect. Reuters quoted a State Department
official saying on 9/8 "We're confident that our withdrawal was the correct

measure and had some effect on a better but still flawed result.'' Such
positive results are effected when your administration has the courage to
stand by Israel.

When your administration lacks such fortitude negative consequences
unfortunately follow. Also on 9/8 your decisions to meet Arafat at the UN
and to have Secretary Powell speak favorably of the PLO were widely reported

in the press. The day after these decisions were published two PLO suicide

bombers and one PLO roadside ambush killed five innocent Israelis--one of
whom was a teacher on her way to school and another her driver from the
ancient Biblical city of Beit Shean--and seriously wounded many others. The

fact that these PLO murders occurred right after your favorable decisions
the PLO were published was more than a matter of sequence. It was a matter

of consequence. Encouraging PLO terrorists results in more PLO terror.

Please reverse your plans to meet PLO terrorist chief Arafat at the UN.
Please stop Secretary Powell from speaking favorably of a PLO terrorist
state. Instead please have Secretary Powell when he addresses the UN
General Assembly speak up vigorously and passionately on behalf of Israel's

Biblical and historical right to complete sovereignty in Judea Samaria the

Golan Heights and Jerusalem. And please have Secretary Powell express your
administration's support for Israel's unfettered natural right of self
defense--including support for Israel's duty of protecting her citizens
any means she deems necessary--in Israel's fight for survival against the
PLO's cruel terrorist war.





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