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Date: Thu 13 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy Islamic Extremist Terrorists! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On September 9 your administration informed the press that President Bush
intended on granting the honor of a presidential audience to chief PLO
terrorist Arafat at the upcoming UN General Assembly meeting. Your
administration also informed the press at that time that Secretary Powell
would speak favorably of the establishment of a PLO State when he addressed
the UN. Regardless of your intentions this was de facto positive
reinforcement for the PLO's intensified campaign of terror and suicide
bombings in Israel.

Two days later on September 11th thousands of Americans were killed by the
suicide terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. As
Wall Street Journal said in its September 12 editorial "Just as Munich led
to World War II so attempts to buy peace in the Middle East are surely
behind this attack [on the US]." In other words your administration's
recent coddling of Arafat was not only a precursor but a precipitator of the

worst terrorist atrocity ever suffered by Americans.

Your administration's continuous criticism of Israel's acts of legitimate
self defense against PLO terrorism--calling Israel's actions
"disproportionate" "provocative" "excessive" "contributing to the cycle
violence" and urging Israel to act with "more restraint"--certainly
no disincentive to the Islamic extremist terrorists who attacked America.
Clyde Haberman in the New York Times on September 12 on page A10 described
how foolish and harmful your administration's criticisms have been:

"Suppose I had intelligence reports telling me that someone was going
to hijack a Boeing 757 and crash it into the World Trade Center" an Israeli

official said yesterday. "And suppose I used an M-16 to kill him.
to the arguments being used against us I'd be an assassin illegally using
American weapons."
This official was referring to the international condemnation Israel
has endured for killing certain Palestinians people accused of not only
masterminding anti-Israel terrorist acts in the past but planning more in
near future. The American criticism of Israel has been soto voce. But it
there. And in this Black September after the worst act of terrorism in
history the question arises from Israelis like this official:
Do you get it now?

Please Mr. President before your policy of advocating restraint in
response to terror contributes to the loss of more innocent lives take a
hard line against Islamic extremist terrorism wherever you find it. Stop
your 100 million dollar a year subsidy of the PLO which provides
encouragement and personnel for suicide terrorist bombers. Encourage Israel

to use the Powell doctrine of overwhelming force to destroy the current
leadership and infrastructure of the terrorist PLO in all the territory it
now controls and ask Israel to stay there until a Palestinian leadership
arises that is committed to end terrorism and live in peace even if that
takes decades or centuries. Move the US embassy to Jerusalem NOW as you
promised in your campaign and express your personal support repeatedly and

passionately for Israel's historic and Biblical right for complete
sovereignty in Judea Samaria the Golan Heights and Jerusalem.

Such vigorous steps demonstrating your determined opposition to the Islamic

extremists who wish to destroy America and all of Western civilization
constitute a substantial beginning to your antiterrorist campaign. And your

effort to defeat these terrorists and protect America from further
devastation must have this substantial foundation--grounded in the Bible
historical truth--if it is to be carried to a successful conclusion. For
enemy of Islamic extremist terrorism is a formidable one that shows no
and we can ill afford any more mistakes.





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