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Date: Fri 21 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel: An Ally in the Past and Today

Dear Sir:

As an American you have my undivided support in our attempt to bring to justice those responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center. There is no reasonable human being who can justify the murder of thousands of innocent civilians.

We who believe we live in an enlightened world in a civilization on a level higher than all preceding generations cannot tolerate a repeat of the massacres of World War I World War II the Russian Communist murders or even Kosovo. Unfortunately however these atrocities are not so far removed from our times.

I have attached an article written September 13 2001 by Nobel laureate Elie Wiesel. In the article he lists some of those people that we can count on as friends and some of those that we cannot.

I urge you to support our stalwart democratic ally - Israel. The Israelis have always stood by us and have long followed the democratic principles and example we established 225 years ago. They have been the front line against the fundamentalist enemy for over ten years. They have been suffering from the trauma sent onto them by an irrational enemy. They supported us in 1991 despite the threat of unconventional warfare and will stand by us today. I urge you not to leave them out of the "Righteous Coalition" you are forming.

As long as we continue to follow the path of righteousness and justice we will triumph.

Respectfully yours

September 13 2001

A Common Enemy The foes of Israel are also the foes of the West says a Nobel laureate. Elie Wiesel - Special to The Jewish Week

Incredulity shock outrage; strong as these words are they remain too weak to describe what we all in New York and elsewhere felt Tuesday morning as the terrorist war against our country began.
The fact that for many hours we didn't even know the magnitude of the horror - the numbers of casualties the names of the injured - added to our feeling of living a nigshtmlare.
We immediately knew whom to thank: the policemen the firemen the ambulance drivers the physicians the volunteers. They brought honor to humanity. But we didn't know not on the spot whom to blame. Who were the terrorists? Palestinians? Afghans? Bin Laden and his gang?

As Americans were counting their dead and trying to cope with the immense tragedy that struck out cities in their camps Palestinians were jubilant. They fired rifles in the air proudly shouting their happiness.
They did the same during the Gulf War. While Scuds were falling on Tel Aviv Palestinians climbed up to their rooftops and wanted the whole world to know the reality of their joy.
What will it take so that all civilized nations get angry enough and discover the ugly brutality of international terrorism? Will they finally have the resolve to adopt all efficient measures to punish its leaders and disarm its followers?

One thing becomes increasingly clear: the enemies of Israel are also the enemies of Western powers.
The first hijackings took place in the Middle East and were aimed at Israel. Then they targeted other nations as well. The same applies to suicide bombers. They no longer limit themselves to destroy the lives of Israelis and Jews. Are they the same murderers? Their goals are the same as are their methods.
Intelligence sources go farther. They believe that all terrorist groups are connected. They share information money arms and shelters. Following the orders of their religious leaders they are all determined to wound and kill Jews and Americans all civilians wherever they are to be found.
Does the world now understand better what Israelis feel when their parents and children are murdered by suicide bombers?
Elie Wiesel is a Nobel Peace laureate teacher and writer.




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