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Date: Mon 24 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel's permanent destruction of Arafat's terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You have stated that everyone must unequivocally decide whether they are in
favor of terrorism or against it. Those were words well spoken.
Unfortunately your State Department continues to fudge its position on
terrorism opposing it in Afghanistan and tolerating it in Arafat's
Palestinian Authority.

At the same time that you are calling for a worldwide war against terrorism
Secretary of State Powell continues to pressure Israel to surrender to
Palestinian terror. The Secretary of State continues to demand that Israel
respond to all Palestinian atrocities with restraint and appeasements and
concessions. He continues to demand that Prime Minister Sharon allow
Foreign Minister Peres to go and meet with the Palestinian arch-terrorist
Arafat despite the continuation of daily PLO atrocities.

The State Department's attitude seems to be that PLO atrocities are minor
nuisances that should not count and should not stand in the way of Israel
making further appeasements. I do not think that the children of the
Jewish mothers murdered by Arafat's Fatah just this week would agree with
that assessment. I certainly do not agree with it and I hope you do not
agree with it either.

The objective is to save American lives. Therefore it matters little
whether future Islamic suicide terrorists reach American shores courtesy of
Arafat's Gaza or courtesy of Bin Laden's Afghanistan. Please encourage
Israel to completely and permanently destroy Arafat's PLO terrorist
infrastructure so that despite State Department obfuscation there will be
no safe harbor anywhere for Islamic extremists to wage their war against
America's freedoms and democracy. Please fulfill your pledge to eliminate
the cancer of Islamic extremist terrorism wherever it may be so that
Americans can be safe wherever they may be.

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