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Date: Tue 25 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel and atone for complacency against terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush

My prayers and support are with you in this decisive moment in history.
The terrorist threat to our nation and the democratic countries of the world
is the greatest danger to life and liberty.

I am distressed that the tragedy on our own soil touching the hearts of
every American has not brought us to make the final step of integrity we
must take if we are to succeed in this war - and that is to stand with
Israel against the terrorism within their own borders. We continue to ask
them to show "restraint" when the same tactics of terror are used on their
citizens. This is a utter hypocrisy of which we must as a nation

Mr. President I firmly believe that the Western world made its gravest
mistake when they recognized Arafat as a "legitimate" statesman for the
Palestinean people and then gave him the Nobel Peace Prize! The message
that was sent to terrorists around the world was "terrorism works." You
can help reverse this travesity by demanding that Arafat turn over the
terrorists he harbors; that he dismantle the terrorists camps he supports
and that he turn over the terrorists he shields to the Israeli government to
be brought to justice.

Tomorrow evening begins the High Holy Day of Yom Kippur . I pray it
will begin a time of atonement from our nation to Israel our loyal ally and


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