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Date: Thu 27 Sep 2001
Subject: Support Israel and fight Islamic terrorism consistently! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

I applaud your consistency in opposing Yasir Arafat's sponsorship of
terrorism just as you oppose the Taliban's sponsorship of terrorism.
This is a refreshing change from the days of the Clinton-Gore
administration when Arafat was invited to the White House more times
than any other foreign leader. Clinton and Gore applied only token
pressure on him to fight terrorism and never once spoke out against
terror by his own Palestinian Authority police.

However your secretary of state Colin Powell has consistently
criticized Israel's counter-terrorism measures as "excessive and
disproportionate". He is partially correct: a proportionate Israeli
response would be to blow up Palestinian pizzerias and nightclubs
packed with Arab children.

Powell is also being consistent. In 1990 when Saddam Hussein
conquered Kuwait and threatened to push into Saudi Arabia Powell urged
your father then-President Bush Sr. not to go to war against Iraq.
Had your father listened to Powell Saddam Hussein would have captured
Saudi Arabia and been in a position to blackmail our foreign policy by
threatening to cut oil supplies. He would also have been able to
destabilize Jordan such that Jordan's 1994 peace treaty with Israel
might never have been signed.

Powell evidently believes that tyrants can be reasoned with if only
we are nice enough. That was tried by Neville Chamberlain then Prime
Minister of Great Britain in 1939. The results were disastrous.

Please impress upon Colin Powell the need to uproot terrorists
quickly and decisively before they have a chance to grow stronger and
consolidate their power.


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