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Date: Thu 16 Sep 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel

Dear Sir:

Israel has once again given in to the Arab terrorists in the hope of
achieving a peace that has eluded the Jewish people this century. The
Government of Ehud Barak has agreed to release 250 prisoners from its

The Arabs and their allies have not reciprocated in kind. In Iran 13
Jewish religious and community leaders have been place on trial on
charges of spying for America and Israel. A report in a recent edition of
The New York Times quotes an Iranian official as saying more Jews will be
arrested in this matter.

The Iranian wasn't quoted as saying more spies will be arrested but said
more Jews will be arrested.

Our Government must make someone accountable- Arafat and the


American citizens have been held as prisoners of war by the Arabs and
their allies for over ten years. The Arabs have not commented on the
welfare of these Americans nor on any other Israelis held as prisoners of
war. It is rumored that some of these prisoners if they have not already
been killed are in Iran.

Our Government must make someone accountable- Arafat and the

These are only some of the areas where we must make Arafat accountable.
We and Israel should not give in to the Arabs and their allies until they
demonstrate some tangible efforts in regard to these and other matters.

The Arabs and their allies cannot cry at their supposed unfair treatment
by Israel and yet repeatedly flaunt their racism and anti-semitic

We must require the freedom of the Iranian Jews and the freedom of the
Israeli POWs including American citizens before we allow Israel to give
more to the Arabs.

Free the Iranian Jews now!

Free the POWs now!

Respectfully yours

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