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Date: Thu 04 Oct 2001
Subject: Virtual Israel Political Action Committee

Support Israel: Eradicate Terrorism Throughout The Entire World

Dear Sir:

I stand behind you in our country's campaign to eradicate terrorism and urge you to continue to support Israel. Israel for years our ally has been beset by the threat of terrorists for decades. The threat of attacks against their civilian population has been present since the establishment of that State 53 years ago.

Our country's current effort to establish a coalition against terrorism must include Israel and we cannot compromise our moral standards to include the likes of Iran Syria and other countries that shelter and support terrorism.

In a letter to the Editor of the New York Times on September 25 2001 Daniel Wolf writes "Re 'Hamas Signals Suspension of Suicide Bombings': It is time for a permanent cessation of suicide bombings and all terrorist activity not to avoid becoming targets of the global antiterror campaign and not out of fear of retaliation in a changed international environment but rather because such actions are evil and inhumane and have no place in the civilized world."

The members of the coalition cannot pick and choose which terrorists they can or cannot support. Any organization that targets civilians cannot be tolerated whatever their motives. The Arab terrorists that have been attacking Israel are in the same category as Osama Bin Laden the terrorists in Ireland and others throughout the world. We cannot pick and choose but must wipe them all out.

Unless our allies are behind our effort to eradicate terrorism for all countries we will not succeed.

Respectfully yours

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