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Date: Sat 6 Oct 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy don't excuse Islamic terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your administration compiled a list of 27 terrorist entities in order to
freeze their assets here and abroad. Conspicuous by their absence from this
list are three terrorist entities: Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and Hamas. The
Israeli government and respected Americans have protested your exemption of
these terrorist groups from your recent list. I wish to add my protest to
theirs. I think it is poor policy to exempt these groups from your latest
list of terrorists.

When I called the White House to register my protest by phone the woman who
wrote down my comments responded that your administration had to exempt
Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and Hamas from this terrorist list in order to
build a coalition. Such thinking reflects a fundamental error. The
coalition you are building must have the destruction of terrorism as its
purpose otherwise you are just wasting time. And if the purpose of the
coalition is to destroy terrorism you cannot build it by embracing
terrorists and their supporters. Otherwise you might as well invite the
Taliban and Bin Laden to join the coalition and declare victory without
firing a shot.

Your administration has tried to hide this policy behind a curtain of
multiple lists arguing that Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and Hamas are on other
terrorist organization lists. Secretary Rumsfeld among others has made
this argument publicly but it is not valid. Osama Bin Laden and al Qaeda
are on those other lists as well but you recognized that was not
sufficient. You correctly insisted that Bin Laden and al Qaeda be placed
them on this additional list of 27 terrorist groups because this particular
list has more sanctions and more global reach than the other lists. All
lists are not created equal and your administration as the creator of
those lists has to be aware of that. To shamelessly pretend otherwise is

You can only defeat terrorism by confronting it and fighting it not by
excusing it. If you add Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and Hamas to your recent
presidential list with its meaningful international sanctions you will be
confronting terrorism and be on the road to victory for America and the
world. If you do not if you dare not call them by the evil that they truly
represent and treat them accordingly then you will have chosen the road of
appeasement which leads neither to victory nor honor.

Please for the sake of all Americans and all freedom-loving people
everywhere follow the wise advice of those in your administration who are
urging you to put Islamic Jihad Hezbollah and Hamas on your recent and
most potent list of terror groups.


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