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Date: Mon 8 Oct 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Destroy all Islamic Terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

As commander-in-chief you bear the awesome responsibility of deciding when
and if our soldiers are to be sent into harm's way. I believe you made the
difficult but correct decision in ordering our forces to begin the
destruction of the Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan. I wish to express my
support for you as you begin this campaign to eliminate Osama Bin Laden and
his al Qaeda terrorist group. These Islamic terrorists have killed
thousands of Americans and would kill thousands more if they are given the
chance. Thank you for not giving them that chance.

But if you do not eliminate all Islamic terrorism in all the states that
currently harbor it you will have not completed your task and America will
remain endangered. Another group with another name and a different leader
will arise in Syria Iran Iraq Saudi Arabia (where Bin Laden himself comes
from) or Egypt (where the Islamic Jihad that forms the backbone of al
Qaeda comes from) and will attack America with even deadlier weapons than
those used by Bin Laden on September 11. You recognized this yourself when
you said in your radio address to the nation on 10/6: "The United States is
presenting a clear choice to every nation: Stand with the civilized world
or stand with the terrorists. And for those nations that stand with the
terrorists there will be a heavy price."

Yet for those Arab nations and organizations who have chosen to side with
the terrorists regrettably your administration has imposed no penalty or
price. Saudi Arabia refuses to permit unfettered use of their air bases for
American attacks upon the Taliban. The Saudis Egyptians Syrians and
Iranians all refuse to comply with your executive order demanding that Osama
Bin Laden's assets and those of his henchmen be frozen. To this very
moment they continue to protect the money supply that is the lifeline of Bin
Laden his al Qaeda terrorists. Yet none of these countries have been made
to pay any price your radio address not withstanding.

None are publicly told their approach is "unacceptable" even though your
administration did not hesitate to use that term against our true ally in
the fight against Islamic terrorism Prime Minister of Israel Ariel Sharon.
Even worse your administration is rewarding these Arab countries who have
chosen to stand with these terrorists. Your administration has announced
that for the first time it will allow Syria to have the diplomatic prize of
a seat at the UN Security Council. Your administration has gone on record
publicly for the first time that it supports a "vision" of a Palestinian
State. Your "vision" is a diplomatic gift all these Arab regimes who have
long cherished the dream of destroying the Jewish State of Israel in stages.

Please listen to your own words Mr. President. Treat as hostile any Arab
regime that harbors terrorists. Show your own commitment to that end by
including Hamas and Hezbollah on your list of 27 organizations whose assets
are to be frozen here and abroad as spelled out in your recent executive
order. Please do not allow Syria Iran Egypt or Saudi Arabia to succor
Islamic terrorism in any way particularly now when our soldiers are
fighting for their lives in our war against Islamic terrorism in the
battlefields of Afghanistan.


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