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Date: Sun 14 Oct 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Don't Applaud Arafat's Terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

In your Thursday night press conference I was horrified when you made the
following statement: "I was pleased to see that Mr. Arafat is trying to
control the radical elements within the Palestinian Authority. And I think
the world ought to applaud him for that." I think that statement undermines
our war against Islamic terror and undercuts our courageous troops who are
risking their lives on behalf of all Americans on the battlefields of

Less than five days before your press conference a PLO suicide bomber
attacked Kibbutz Shluchot in the Jordan Valley killing Yair Mordechai a
father of seven children the youngest a two year old baby girl. That
suicide bomber who came from the PLO controlled city of Jenin was
approaching the Kibbutz nursery which functions as a day care center for
many Israeli toddlers from neighboring Jewish communities. Yair Mordechai
stopped to check the identification of this PLO suicide bomber shortly after
he got past the kibbutz entrance. In the process Mr. Mordechai forfeited
his life to protect the children and other innocents of his community.

Less than five days after this you said in your news conference that Arafat
deserves world-wide applause for his efforts. I do not think Mr.
Mordechai's seven orphans nor his wife who is a United States citizen
would add their applause and neither would I. I am appalled that you think
Arafat's efforts that produce such dismal results deserve anyone's applause.

The lead editorial of the NY Times on Sunday Oct 14 contains the following:
"Washington's evasions need to cease as well. Pretending that Saudi Arabia
is not a source of support for terrorism only invites further trouble." The
same can be said about Arafat and Palestinian terrorism. Your
administration should stop pretending it's not there so you can confront it
in a straightforward manner and help to end it.

Please ask for no more applause for Arafat and the PLO. They do not
deserve it. There has not been a single day when the PLO has not fired
dozens of mortar rounds antitank grenades and hundreds of machine gun
bullets at Israeli targets punctuated with suicide bombers and car bombs
every few days. Arafat's efforts that produce such results do not deserve
your applause but do deserve your determined opposition which you can
demonstrate by placing Hamas Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad on
your expanded list of organizations whose assets are to be frozen here and


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