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Date: Tue 23 Oct 2001
Subject: Support Israel's demand for extradition of Ze'evi's killers! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

Under the terms of the Oslo Accords the Palestinian Authority is required
to extradite suspected terrorists to Israeli jurisdiction. Israeli Prime
Minister Ariel Sharon invoked the Oslo Accords following the assassination
of Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Ze'evi. PA Chairman Yasir Arafat
refuses to extradite Ze'evi's killers promising only to arrest them -- and
your administration has taken his side.

Suppose the Taliban agreed to arrest Osama bin Laden and put him on trial in
Afghanistan but they still would not hand him over. Would you accept such
an outcome? If bin Laden were acquitted would you accord his acquittal
any legitimacy?

In your campaign last year you promised to restore honor and dignity to the
White House. In the name of honor and dignity please do not allow Arafat
to renege on his obligations.


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