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Date: Tue 23 Oct 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Sharon's fight Against PLO helps USA fight Terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

You had it right the first time. On September 20 addressing a joint session
of Congress you said the following: "And we will pursue nations that
provide aid or safe haven to terrorism. Every nation in every region now
has a decision to make. Either you are with us or you are with the
terrorists. From this day forward any nation that continues to harbor or
support terrorism will be regarded by the United States as a hostile
regime." Those were wonderful words outlining a wonderful policy that
unfortunately your administration has failed to follow when it comes to
Arafat's Palestinian Authority.

The Palestinian Authority has sheltered and nurtured more terrorists for
more years than the Taliban have in Afghanistan. Arafat's public refusal to
extradite the murderers of Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi is only
a recent example. Yet when Israel responded militarily to eliminate this
terrorist threat much as American forces have done in Afghanistan your
administration harshly criticized Israel for doing so.

On October 22 State Department spokesman Phil Reeker reading from a
prepared text made the following statement: "Israel Defense Forces should
be withdrawn immediately from all Palestinian controlled areas and no
further such incursions should be made. We deeply regret and deplore Israel
Defense Forces actions that have killed numerous Palestinian civilians over
the weekend. The deaths of those innocent civilians under the circumstances
reported in recent days are unacceptable and we call upon Israel to ensure
that its armed forces exercise greater discipline and restraint."

Such shameful words from your State Department undermine the brave words
you spoke at the joint session of Congress. I urge you to ask the same of
the members of your administration that you ask of nations around the world.
They must choose whose side are they on--that of the terrorists including
the PLO or that of America and Israel. Please discharge from public
service those who cling to the side of terrorism and the PLO.

Please live up to your brave words before Congress. Vigorously support
Israel's military actions against PLO terrorism which are every bit as
justified and necessary as America's military actions in Afghanistan. And
show your determination to fight terrorism consistently by placing the
Hezbollah the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas at the top of your
priority list of terrorist organizations.


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