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Date: Thu 8 Nov 2001
Subject: Support Israel's war against PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear President Bush:

On November 7 Secretary Powell said: "I hope that Chairman Arafat will
continue to do all he can to end the violence." Yet just three days before
on Sunday November 4 a PLO terrorist from Hebron machine-gunned a
Jerusalem municipal bus carrying children home from school and killed two of
them one of whom--a 16 year old girl--was an American citizen. I think the
Secretary's remarks and attitude are wrong and should be condemned.

The United States justifiably is sending its forces halfway around the
globe to fight the Islamic terrorists that attacked us on September 11.
Israel is certainly justified in sending its troops into PLO-controlled
areas immediately adjacent to its own population centers that harbor
terrorist killers. The State Department's urging Israel to stop such acts
of self defense are hypocritical and wrong. Secretary Powell recent
statement characterizing Arafat as doing all he can against terrorism is
part of the hypocrisy and equally wrong.

Mr. President in our just war against evil as you have correctly
characterized it we must ourselves do what is right and good. Please
support Israel's right to defend itself against the same Islamic terrorism
that threatens America. Please stop your administration's financial and
diplomatic support of Arafat's PLO regime which continues to harbor and
succor murderous Islamic terrorists who continue to kill American citizens.


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