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Date: Wed 19 May 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel

Dear Sir:

The recent Israeli elections have brought to power a centrist leader
Ehud Barak who will hopefully have the ability to bring the will of the
entire Israeli people to the negotiating table. It would be a timely move
on the part of our government to carry out an act of encouragement by
fulfilling the desire of our Congress and moving our Embassy to the holy
city of Jerusalem.

The entire population of Israel is conscious that their capital city is
under attack. The holiest places of the Jewish religion are located in
the City. For thousands of years Jewish access was restricted. For the 19
years of Jordanian Arab occupation Jews were denied access to their
religious sites in the Arab occupied portion of the city. During the same
period Christians weren't permitted to acquire property were forced to
include Moslem teachings in Christian schools and mosques were
constructed next to churches. There were 58 synagogues that were
desecrated or destroyed. Jewish religious objects were used in the
construction of stables and latrines.

There is a persistent fear among Israelis that the Arab barbarism
practiced in the past will be repeated. The Arab acts of thirty years ago
are being repeated today in the territories they control. Christians in
Bethlehem and other cities are being forced out. Our country must do its
part to allay Israeli fears that the past will be repeated.

As a start we must carry out the desires of the Congress and the American
People and move our embassy to Jerusalem immediately.

I implore you to carry out the will of the People and support Israel.

Very truly yours

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