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Date: Wed 22 Sep 1999
Subject: Support Israel not Arafat's Terrorist Army!!! (VIPAC)


Dear Sir:

Israel recently released to the PLO 199 terrorists who were convicted of
violent acts and were serving time in Israeli prisons. Once these convicted
terrorists were back in the PLO administered territories they received more
than just a warm welcome. They received guns deliberately and publicly
delivered to them by Arafat's PLO.

In a Sept. 14 article Middle East Newsline correspondent Mohammed Najib
writes "All of the 199 released Palestinian prisoners on Thursday were
absorbed in PA security forces and were handed weapons 'in order to protect
themselves' a PA source said. On Tuesday PA Radio confirmed the report."

This is in stark violation of the Oslo Accords which require Arafat to submit
the names of potential police recruits to Israel before they get their jobs.
This Oslo requirement was placed there to prevent the arming of terrorists in
the guise of "PLO police." Indeed Arafat has repeatedly violated this
section of Oslo precisely so he could do just that. He is building an army
by rearming terrorists who have murdered and maimed innocent Arabs and Jews
and is doing so publicly for all the world to see.

Why is your administration silent in the face of this? Do you support the
rearming of terrorists? Are you prepared to hand out machine guns to the
FALN terrorists as they march out of their prison cells with their
presidential pardons? I doubt you would be so frivolous with those convicted
of terrorism in America. You should not consider the blood of Israelis any
cheaper. You should cease your administration's silent acquiescence of
Arafat's rearming of these PLO terrorists.

Please change the course of your administration's policy in the Middle East.
Oppose Arafat's rising terrorist army. Instead support Israel's right to
secure borders in its historical and Biblical homeland of Judea Samaria and
the Golan Heights.


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