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Date: Thu 08 Nov 2001
Subject: (VIPAC) Support Israel: No Negotiations With Arabs Who Have No Leadership

Dear Sir:

I support our country's efforts to eradicate terrorism but question the administrations criticism of Israel for doing the same thing. The bombing of pizza stores and the unprovoked shootings of civilians on the roads of Israel cannot be tolerated. Our country must support the efforts of all countries to stop terror not only our efforts.

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon recently said that the Arabs have 1000 rifles shooting in 1000 directions and until they start shooting in one direction how can we even try to achieve peace. The Arabs have no unified
entity that represents the population. Israel has no one to talk to.

The Israelis need some one to talk peace with. Arafat does not or cannot control the various Arab groups and appears either unwilling or unable to make peace. The Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres winner of a Nobel Peace Prize and a member of the Israeli peace movement was quoted in the October 24 2001 edition of The New York Times as saying: "If there is a leader that can do nothing why do we need him? If a leader cannot lead who neleadeeds him? If he can lead and doesn't again what is the value of him?"

Arafat is not able to lead. And until the Arabs can find a leader who is willing to step forward and lead and control all the various Arab factions Israel has no one to negotiate with.

I urge you to continue to support Israel in its efforts to protect its citizens. For over 100 years the modern Zionist movement has been seeking peaceful co-existence with its neighbors. The Arabs have yet to demonstrate a
willingness to co-exist.

Respectfully yours

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