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Date: Sat 17 Nov 2001
Subject: Support Israeli sovereignty in West Bank not PLO reign of terror! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank G-d under your wise leadership America's forces are emerging
victorious against the evil ones in Afghanistan. But your recently declared
vision and advocacy of a PLO state threatens to undo our military
accomplishments against the Taliban and bin Laden. The territories
currently controlled by Arafat and the Palestinian Authority have already
turned into a cesspool breeding a sickening abundance of Islamic terrorist
suicide bombers killing many Israelis and some Americans too. A PLO state
would be even worse and pose a greater danger not only to Israel but to
America as well.

Please Mr. President don't make the same mistake your father made after
America's victory in Desert Storm. Your father's popularity was at its
height and instead of destroying Saddam Hussein he followed the advice of
then-General Collin Powell allowing Saddam to linger and become the threat
to America that he has once again become. Also as part of that
Powell-inspired new world order your father started putting severe pressure
on Israel to begin to yield to its Arab adversaries. Israel bowed to your
father's pressure and your father's popularity plummeted to the point where
he was finally beaten in his reelection effort--by a wide margin.

Mr. President please support Israel's right to live in its Biblical and
historical homeland of Judea Samaria Jerusalem and the Golan Heights and
give no quarter to Arafat and his PLO terrorists. Stop the 100 million
dollars your administration gives to Arafat each year while his terrorist
war against Israel continues unabated. Strip the PLO of its offices in
Washington D.C. and place the PLO back where it belongs on the US priority
list of terrorist organizations that must be destroyed. You will not only
help Israel in the process but your own reelection prospects as well.




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