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Date: Sun 18 Nov 2001
Subject: Support Israel's Biblical right to West Bank not PLO's bloody lies! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On November 16 89 Senators signed a letter that they sent to you
expressing concern for undue pressure being exerted upon Israel by Secretary
Powell. "The American people would never excuse us for not going after the
terrorists with all our strength and might" the letter said. "Yet that is
what some have demanded of the Israeli government after every terrorist
incident they suffer. No matter what the provocation they urge restraint."
Clearly the reference is to Secretary Powell and the State Department and
the Senators are expressing their disapproval.

"There is constant concern about the administration's wavering" said
Senator Arlen Specter Republican of
Pennsylvania who is one of the 89 Senators who signed that letter. "Powell
talks about the cycle of violence that suggests one produces the other and
that there is a moral equivalency which is not true. Terrorists killing
civilians is totally unjustified and Israel's response is self-defense."

Such a strong message of disapproval by so many senators should give your
administration pause as you proceed to have Secretary Powell outline an
"American" Middle east policy. How American is such a policy when it is
opposed by 90% of the Senate? How American is such a policy when it
contradicts previous commitments of your administration--such as pledging to
Israel that it would not have to negotiate under Yasser Arafat's gun and
that you supported Israel's right to at least seven days of complete quiet
before negotiations would resume? How American is such a policy when it is
repellent to the majority of the American people who wish to rid the world
of Islamic terrorism and not create another haven for it in the West Bank
and Gaza?

Please Mr. President for Israel's sake and for America's sake support
Israel's historical and Biblical right to sovereignty in Judea Samaria
Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Stop your current 100 million dollar a
year subsidy of the PLO and stop your administration's support for a PLO
navy a PLO army a PLO air force of bombers and jet fighters a PLO tank
corps a PLO ballistic missile stockpile a PLO foreign policy of open
borders to hordes of armed Islamic terrorists--all of which are components
of the term "Palestinian State" which your administration reportedly now
views favorably. Neither the Senate nor the American people view these
items favorably and neither should your administration. That should
include Secretary Collin Powell.


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