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Date: Tue 20 Nov 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Hold Arafat Accountable for PLO Terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On November 19 Secretary Powell made his long anticipated speech about the
Middle East at the University of Louisville in Kentucky. That speech
contained the following statement: "Terrorists must be stopped before they
act. The Palestinian leadership must arrest prosecute and punish the
perpetrators of terrorist acts. Palestinians must live up to the agreements
they have made to do so. They must be held to account when they do not."

That is a wonderful idea and it is a shame that Secretary Powell opposes
putting it into practice. The Senate Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill
had an amendment sponsored by Senators Feinstein and McConnell that would
have done precisely that. That amendment called for stopping your
administration's 100 million dollar annual subsidy for the PLO and stripping
the PLO of its diplomatic offices and credentials in Washington if it did
not stop its war of terror against Israel. Secretary Powell demanded that
that amendment be withdrawn because he did not want to hold the PLO
accountable for its terrorism and the Senators succumbed to his demand.

We once had a Secretary of State who did hold the PLO accountable for its
terrorism. Secretary of State George Schultz after first establishing
diplomatic ties with the PLO ended them when PLO terrorists attacked
Israel. Because the PLO chose to continue its terrorism against Israel
Secretary Schultz put the PLO back where it belonged on America's priority
list of terrorist organizations to which no aid could be given and no
diplomatic contacts or recognition extended.

Please do what Secretary Powell called for even if he himself is reluctant
to do so. Please hold the PLO and Arafat accountable for their 14 months of
terrorist warfare against Israel and by executive order cease your 100
million dollar subsidy of the PLO strip the PLO of its diplomatic offices
and positions in Washington and put the PLO back where it belongs on
America's priority list of terrorist organizations that must be destroyed.
And please stop expressing support for a PLO State that will only spawn
more bin Ladens to kill more innocents in America as well as Israel.
Instead please express support for Israel's historical and Biblical rights
for sovereignty in Judea Samaria Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.


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