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Date: Thu 29 Nov 2001
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel: No negotiations with an enemy bent on destroying Israel

Dear Sir:

The Arabs have never been true friends to our country or the West for that matter despite the blood our soldiers have shed on their behalf in Lebanon Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. Even today in our country's battle against world terrorism the amount of support we received from Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries is not equal to the effort we have expended on their behalf. Yet we hold our tongue in the interest of the "Coalition" against terror.

But our attitude toward Israel is quite different. Our soldiers have never been asked to die on Israeli soil yet we have interfered with Israeli democracy to a greater degree than with any of the Arab dictatorships. We have injected our opinion in their elections and in the way they defend their civilian population.

The Afghanis of The Northern Alliance who are allied with America look upon the Arabs in their country as an enemy. Can we ask the Israelis to treat those who want to destroy their country any differently?

The recent remarks of Secretary of State Powell regarding the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state (a second one at that) have put the peace process in jeopardy and must be put in the perspective as coming from an outsider.

The New York Times (November 25 2001) interviewed a Jewish resident of Gaza Orit Litov and asked her about Secretary Powell's remarks. Her belief is that the Arabs want more than the return of Gaza and the West Bank. They want all of Israel. Mrs. Litov said regarding Secretary Powell: "'I respect him but I really don't think he knows reality as it is.' If the settlements are torn up she continued 'in the end it doesn't matter to his life. It won't affect his kids' she added. 'We have to listen to the U.S.A. and respect what they tells us but in the end it's our life and the life of our nation.'"

Until the Arabs are willing to live in peace with Israel as well as with the rest of the world the peace process is a waste of time and a danger to the people of the Middle East.

I urge you to support Israel; there can be no negotiations with an enemy bent on destroying Israel.

Respectfully yours

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