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Date: Sat 1 Dec 2001
Subject: VIPAC: Support Israel: Arafat Must Be Next In America's War Against Terror

Dear Sir:

I urge you to support Israel's fight against Arab terrorism. The wanton
murder of innocent civilians including children by the Arabs cannot be
tolerated. This Saturday's murderous attack on civilians in the middle of
Jerusalem while on a smaller scale is no less shocking than the attack on
the World Trade Center. These Arabs are the originators of the modern
terrorist movement. We cannot tolerate any further attacks by these murderers.

The New York Times reported that in response to questions about the attacks
on Jewish civilians on Saturday night in the middle of a pedestrian mall in
Jerusalem Abdel Aziz Rantisi a Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip said: "We are
fighting Jewish terrorism we are fighting the killers and defending our
freedom our stability and our dignity.''

Murdering teenagers and other young civilians is not fighting a war. Wars are
fought by armies. They are not fought by attacking civilians. They are not
fought by murdering babies. It is time for America to stand behind Israel and
let them do what they have to in order to protect their people.

With our peace seeking envoys standing by the Arabs continue their murderous
ways. Maybe America should turn toward Arafat and his people in the next
stage of our battle against terrorism.

I urge you to allow Israel to begin this part of the battle now.

Respectfully yours




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