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Date: Wed 29 Sep 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel


Dear Sir:

The justice being meted out by the Palestinians and their fellow Arabs to
killers of Americans is appalling. A report out of Israel states that the
Palestinian security forces have hired five Arab terrorists who have been
implicated by Israel as having taken part in the murders of 12 Americans
since the signing of the Oslow accords in 1993. While these murders
occurred in Israel - on foreign soil- it is our government's obligation
to insure that justice is meted out.

In contrast two Pakistani murderers of four Americans in Pakistan in
November 1997 have been convicted and sentenced to death.

The Palestinians have rewarded the murderers.

I urge you to put the pressure of the American government on the
Palestinian Authority to bring these murderers to justice. All just
governments and all peoples recognize that terror and crimes against
civilians is unconscionable. Until the Palestinians and their authority
recognize this they should not be rewarded with our support.

If the Arabs will not bring the murderers of Americans before the court
it is our obligation.

The recent State Department decision protecting Iranian assets from a
civil action brought by the parents of Alissa Flatow a victim of Iranian
supported terror is counter productive. Without punishing the terrorists
and their supporters Americans everywhere will be at the mercy of terror
throughout the world.

I urge you to bring the accused murderers to justice.

Respectfully yours

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