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Date: Thu 6 Dec 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Stop US funds for Arafat's terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your words supporting Israel's right of self defense against PLO terrorism
are a welcome improvement over your administration's previous obfuscations
about "cycles of violence." However unfortunately your administration's
actions have not yet caught up with your improved rhetoric. Your
administration still sends 100 million dollars each year to fund PLO
activities and you still accord diplomatic recognition to Arafat's PLO
terrorist organization. This should stop and some of the reasons why were
given by Dennis Ross--the tireless Middle east envoy--in his op-ed article
in the New York Times of Tuesday DEC 4 where he wrote the following:

"Mr. Arafat must act. For 15 months he has allowed his territory to be a
haven for those who attack Israelis. They have been free to plan and
organize to build their bombs and recruit their bombers. Despite every
commitment he has made to renounce violence and terror he has shown a
complete tolerance for both releasing suicide bombers from jail and lying
about it. This has to stop....President Bush should convey to Mr. Arafat
that if we do not see concrete acts within the coming week that spell the
end of his safe haven policy we will suspend our relations with him and the
Palestinian Authority."

We have not seen those concrete acts from Arafat and now as Mr. Ross
suggested we must see concrete acts from your administration to oppose the
PLO's terrorism. Now is the time to end your administration's 100 million
dollar annual subsidy of the PLO. Now is the time to strip the PLO of the
diplomatic positions and offices it currently maintains in Washington DC.
Now is the time to put Arafat and his PLO back where they belong--at the top
of America's priority list of terrorist entities that must be defeated.

Please do so so that the Islamic terrorism that we are sacrificing so much
to eradicate in Afghanistan is not allowed to resurface--and threaten
America once more--in the form of a terrorist PLO State.


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