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Date: Sat 15 Dec 2001
Subject: Support Israel! Thanks for US veto of anti-Israel UN resolution! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for your courage in using America's veto on Dec. 15 to stop the UN
Security Council resolution against Israel. Even the plucky British only
had enough nerve to "abstain" on this imbalanced and unfair anti-Israel
resolution. Thanks to your determination to oppose the Islamic terrorism
that Arafat's regime harbors your administration was able to summon the
political will to do the right thing and use its UN Security Council veto.

Your principled refusal to participate in the UN's anti-Israel Durban
Conference on Racism your principled refusal to grant chief terrorist
Arafat the privilege of a presidential White House audience and your
willingness to act boldly against Islamic terrorists in Afghanistan and
their American financial supporters at the Islamic Holy Land Foundation
which you closed down all demonstrate your courage in defending America and
our allies. Such decisions help make the world a safer place for democracy
and freedom. Thank you for making those principled correct but
nonetheless difficult decisions.

The world unfortunately remains a dangerous place and difficult vital
decisions still remain for your administration to make. Since Arafat has
ignored your appropriate demands to fight the terrorists he has
harbored--indeed he has publicly declared a truce with Hamas and Islamic
Jihad and publicly renounced all efforts to combat them--it is time to put
Arafat and the PLO back on America's priority list of terrorist entities.
Please make the next correct principled and difficult decision in our war
on Islamic terror and stop your 100 million dollar annual aid package to the
PLO and strip Arafat and his minions of their diplomatic offices and
credentials in this country by placing them back where they belong at the
top of America's priority list of terrorist entities--back where they have
been for decades.




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