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Date: 12/10/2001
Subject: Support Israel! Add PLO to US list of terrorist

Dear President Bush:

I want to thank you and your administration for your condemnation of
the terrorist attacks last weekend in Jerusalem and Haifa and your
endorsement of Israel's right of self-defense.

On 12/2/2001 Palestinian Planning Minister Nabil Shaath
was asked during a CNN interview if Arafat's future plans include
uprooting Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Shaath was evasive never answering
"yes" or "no."

Arafat's moment of truth has come and gone and he has sided with
the terrorists. Please add the Palestinian Authority to your list of
regimes which harbor terrorist organizations.


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Chag Urim Sameach! Happy festival of lights to all VIPAC members!

Our membership continues to grow (1964 as of this afternoon) and our
grassroots efforts with G-d's help have contributed to the political
incentive for the Bush Administration to be more supportive of Israel. But
we have much work ahead of us as can be seen from the New York Times of
Friday Dec. 7 on page A16 in the article "A Top Egyptian Official Urges Both
Sides to Show Restraint." In the middle of that article is the following
sentence: "A senior Israeli official said the government had essentially
given up on Mr. Arafat but was not prepared to translate that feeling into
action in part because the United States has made clear it would disapprove."

Actions speak louder than words. The Bush Administration's insistence on
continuing its 100 million dollar annual subsidy of Arafat's PLO as well as
its refusal to put Arafat and the PLO back where they belong on America's
priority list of terrorist organizations are more impressive to Israel (as
seen in the article above) and to Arafat than a few token comments about
Israel's right of self defense. That is what we have to try and change with
our VIPAC campaign and the hour now is more urgent than ever.

We should certainly be encouraged at this time of year by the lessons of
Channuka when G-d miraculously delivered "the many into the hands of the
few." Israel is clearly outgunned outnumbered out-petrodollared and
out-geopoliticked by the 100 million Arab Moslems that surround her and wish
to destroy her. And our VIPAC membership although it has grown clearly
cannot substantially alter the Bush Administration's Middle east policy all
on its own.

But like the Maccabbees of old we can all do the best we can with the
resources available and let G-d take care of the rest. Just as the
Maccabbees dared to light a single light even when it seemed pointless
because there was not sufficient fuel for the flame to last we at VIPAC can
continue to petition our elected leaders to be more supportive of Israel
during its hour of need. If we continue sending out our emails faxes and
phone calls to Washington on behalf of Israel with G-d's help we can merit
to see once again "the miracles that happened in those days at this time."

Happy Channuka! Martin Elsant Co-chair Virtual Israel Political Action




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