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Date: Thu 7 Oct 1999
Subject: Support Israel! No U.S. Dollars to terrorist PLO!! (VIPAC)


Dear Sir:

The Clinton Administration is sending hundreds of millions of US taxpayers'
dollars to the PLO. I think this should stop at least until the PLO signs a
final status peace treaty with Israel. Prime Minister Barak has set
September 2000 as the end of the negotiations for the final status agreement
with the PLO. To encourage the terrorists in the PLO to work seriously with
Prime Minister Barak to reach that goal no further US funds for the PLO
should be forthcoming until that final peace treaty is signed.

Your administration should immediately stop the flood of US tax dollars to
the PLO completely. To continue to send money to the PLO before they have
signed a final peace treaty with Israel is to subsidize and support the
PLO's current belligerent status quo. The PLO continues to release and rearm
convicted terrorists. PLO leaders repeatedly declare their willingness to go
to war if Israel does not capitulate to their demands. The PLO continues to
indoctrinate their children with anti-Jewish hatred in their school
textbooks. The PLO continues to expand its army and increase its armaments
far beyond the Oslo Accord limits. This is not the status quo that US tax
dollars should subsidize.

Please stop your administration's ongoing fiscal support of a truculent PLO
that has yet to sign a formal peace treaty with Israel. Stop all US funds
flowing to the PLO until the final peace treaty is signed to encourage the
PLO to work with Prime Minister Barak to meet the proposed deadline of a
final peace treaty by September 2000. And please move the US embassy in
Israel to Jerusalem in compliance with the Jerusalem Embassy Act passed by
Congress to demonstrate American support for Israel's right to secure
borders in its historical and Biblical heartland.


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