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Date: Tue 1 Jan 2002
Subject: Support Israel's war for survival against PLO terrorism! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Israel has recently enforced a more serious closure around PLO centers of
terrorism. More PLO terrorists have been killed and arrested by Israel in
recent weeks than ever before. Therefore it is not surprising that there
has been a reduction in murderous PLO attacks on Israeli Jews.

What is surprising is that your administration is buying the line that
Arafat is selling--that it is because of Arafat's efforts not in spite of
them that this reduction in murder of Israeli Jews has transpired in the
last few weeks. That is the reason given by your administration for its
decision to send General Zinni once again to the region. This assessment by
your administration is terribly mistaken as shown by the following recent

On Sunday December 30 2001 the Israeli army intercepted three of Arafat's
PLO would-be suicide bombers as they broke through a security fence near
Beit Hanoun. These PLO infiltrators were killed when they refused to be
arrested and were found to be carrying two explosive belts (those are the
weapons of choice of PLO suicide bombers) as well as an M16 rifle with a
telescopic sight and six hand grenades.

One of these terrorists was Ismail Ahmed Ahmed A-Kometzan whose name had
been given had been given by the Israeli government repeatedly to the
Palestinian Authority along with demands that he be arrested. Obviously
until the Israeli army stopped him with a bullet as he was attempting
another murderous attack against innocents Arafat and the PLO had done
nothing to stop him.

The PLO has killed and crippled Jews at a slower rate recently but as the
above incident illustrates that is not for a lack of their trying to do
more harm. Please encourage Israel publicly and privately to increase the
severity of their closure around PLO terrorist centers. That is what has
been responsible for the diminished rate of PLO terrorist murders of
Israelis. Please do not send General Zinnia again to Israel requesting a
loosening of these security precautions as you have done before. The last
time you did that the PLO unleashed a horrifying deluge of murderous
terrorism against Israel. Please don't repeat that error that cost so many
innocent Israeli Jews their lives and limbs.

Please support Israel in its war for survival against Arafat's PLO.





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