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Date: Fri 4 Jan 2002
Subject: Support Israel! PLO caught with long range missiles for war on Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Unfortunately and probably tragically you are repeating the same mistake
of urging Israel to weaken security enforcement around centers of PLO
terrorism as you did the last time you sent General Zinni to the area. The
last time you did that a deluge of PLO terrorism that shocked the world in
its savagery was the result. Yet you are now repeating that same failed
approach according to the New York Times of January 4 2002 on page 10
where the following was reported:

"General Zinni will ask Mr. Sharon to reduce travel restrictions that the
Palestinians say have hobbled their economy and to consider authorizing
talks with the Palestinians even if sporadic violence continues."

I'm sorry Mr. President but this is inexcusable. Negotiate despite
sporadic violence? Look how many months passed between Bin Laden's attacks
on our embassies in Africa the battleship Cole in Yemen and the
devastation of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11.
That is much more sporadic than the pace of PLO terrorism against Israel
yet I am sure you would not consider opening negotiations with Al Qaeda to
work out our differences. Why would you urge Israel to act differently than
your own correct approach? Sporadic terrorism must be permanently
eliminated not tentatively negotiated. Zero tolerance for terrorism is the
correct approach both for Israel and America. You should urge no other
for either nation.

And urging the weakening of necessary security measures around PLO terrorist
centers is equally wrong. The same day the New York Times reported the
above statement Israel captured--without a single casualty--the Karine A
which was a ship laden with 50 tons of war material including long range
ballistic missiles that was DIRECTLY OWNED AND OPERATED by Arafat's
Palestinian Authority in contravention of all their agreements with Israel
and the USA.

Fifty tons of long range missiles paid for piloted and shipped by the
Palestinian Authority is impressive evidence of Arafat's intention to
destroy Israel. For your administration to encourage freer movement for
Arafat's PLO with its history of unremitting terrorism for the last 40
years even while caught smuggling illegal long range ballistic missiles is
absurd. Yet as reported in the New York Times that is your policy.

I have appended a copy of the Israeli government's report on the mission
ownership and purpose of the Karine A at the end of this letter for easy
of reference.

Mr. President anyone can make a mistake. That is only human. But to
repeat that mistake in such a short period of time--when the consequences
have been and threaten to be again so tragic--is not simple forgivable
human error. It is fundamentally completely and inexcusably wrong.
Please urge Israel to do what we are doing here in America--increase and
tighten their security measures particularly in areas and regarding
regimes that have been the source of recent terror attacks.

And please stop your 100 million dollar annual subsidy of Arafat's PLO.
Those funds only make it easier for Arafat to purchase his next fifty tons
of long range ballistic missiles that may or may not have the capability to
reach American shores and that Israel may or may not be fortunate enough to



(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Friday January 04 2002
Following are remarks by IDF Chief-of-Staff LT.-GEN. Shaul Mofaz
regarding the interdiction of a ship carrying 50 tons of war materiel
destined for the Palestinian Authority:

"With the break of dawn on Thursday 3.1.2002 IDF forces took control
of the ship Karine A which was carrying about 50 tons of warfare and
sabotage equipment meant to be smuggled into the Palestinian Authority

In a daring and complicated mission carried out by navy commando troops
air force pilots and the intelligence the IDF took control of the ship
which is now in our hands.

This operation executed about 500 kilometers from the shores of the
State of Israel was professional precise coordinated and a complete
surprise done without a single casualty.

I would like to emphasize the courage and valor of the commando
warriors who made this mission a success.

On the Karine A we found about 50 tons of varied warfare most of it
from Iranian origin. From the small part that we checked already we
can tell you that it includes: long range Katyusha rockets Sagger and
LAW anti-tank missiles mortars mines advanced explosive equipment
weapons and sniper rifles bullets and much more.

It must be emphasized that the smuggling attempt is in direct violation
of all existing agreements between the Palestinian Authority and Israel
which clearly state the amount and type of weapons that the PA is
permitted to possess. Once again we see that the PA is not committed
to withholding any agreement and is capable of posing a threat through
the uses of long range weapons weapons which have nothing to do with
self-defense or law enforcement.

If warfare equipment of this kind had reached the hands of terrorists
acting against us it may have dramatically altered the security of the
citizens of the State of Israel and the soldiers of the IDF and
drastically increased the terror activity against us.

This mission is another milestone in our effort to dry the swamp of
terror which exists in the heart of Judea Samaria and the Gaza Strip.
It undoubtedly saved many lives.

The link between the staff aboard the ship and the PA and its leaders
is without a doubt clear and undeniable. The ship itself is owned by
the PA and the captain is a senior officer in the Palestinian naval

The smuggling attempt emphasizes and points directly at the PA's
intentions to continue a strategy of terror and violence increasing and
escalating over time.

The PA is drenched from head to toe with terror and doesn't understand
that in a world after the horrible events of 11.9.2001 they cannot
achieve their goals through the use of violence and terror.

This attempt points directly at the close cooperation between the PA
Iran and other terror organizations.

Moreover the PA claims that its people are in a tough economical
situation as a result of the conflict. However its decision to devote
the large financial resources necessary to purchase this warfare
equipment shows once again that the PA is using the suffering of its
people in a cynical way for its own private purposes.

The IDF will continue to fight terror anytime anyplace and under any
conditions. We are not limited to fighting terror in Judea Samaria and
the Gaza Strip. We will strike terror wherever it endangers our safety
and security. We will stop and block those who try to hurt us.

We will operate everywhere at any distance as far as that distance may
be in order to ensure the security of the citizens of the State of



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