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Date: Wed 9 Jan 2002
Subject: Support Israel: America Must Support Its Allies

Dear Sir:

I thank you for your continuing support of Israel. They are a true partner in
our fight against terrorism. The Israelis have been fighting terrorism since
the founding of their state in 1948. The Arabs have continuously attacked
innocent civilians and as recent events have demonstrated cannot be trusted
to keep any agreements they have signed.

I would like to quote from an editorial that appeared in the Jerusalem Post
on January 7 2002: "As with Iraq the only guarantee of real peace is not
agreements but the nature of the regime that signs them. Saying Arafat is
irrelevant may be a somewhat useful description of how he should be treated
but it is not really true. Arafat has demonstrated he will never lead a state
at peace with Israel. For anyone who supports the idea of a Palestinian
state whether it is led by Arafat or another dictator like him should not
only be relevant but critical. The primary message of Arafat's ship of death
is it is not possible to trust any agreement with the Palestinian people so
long as it is led by the current regime."

There can be no peace with terrorists. There can be no peace with an enemy
who does not want peace. Until the Arabs can show they desire peace there
will be no peace. Israel has done enough. It is time for the Arabs to "step
up to the plate."

America has no reason to negotiate with Al Quaeda. They are terrorists who
have no desire for peace with America. Arafat the PLO Hamas Islamic Jihad
and their entire ilk are the same. Israel has no reason to negotiate with

I thank you for supporting Israel and urge you to allow them to destroy Arab

Respectfully yours

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