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Date: Sun 13 Jan 2002
Subject: Support Israel: The Facts Do Not Lie - We Must Not Ignore Arab Terrorism

Dear Sir:

The European Edition of the Wall Street Journal recently published an
editorial regarding the Arab shipment of millions of dollars of armaments in
violation of the agreement signed with Israel in Oslow. The editorial was
critical of certain American officials who were reluctant to acknowledge the
duplicity of the Palestinian Arab Authorities and Yasir Arafat in this
matter. The editorial concluded with the following: "'Facts' Aldus Huxley
once remarked "do not cease to exist because they are ignored.' The fact is
the Palestinian Authority remains a terrorist organization and the longer
Messrs. Solana and Powell ignore this the longer they'll have to live with
the problem."

It is imperative that the American Government the European Union and other
World authorities acknowledge that Arafat and the Arabs cannot be trusted.
They have had eight years to prove that their people were ready to accept
Israel. They refuse to accept anything less than the destruction of that
State and its people. As such we can have no sympathy for them.

An op-ed article appeared in The New York Times on January 13 2002 written
by Yoel Esteron managing editor of the Israeli newspaper Haaretz. Esteron
wrote about the small piece of paper he received from his father the sole
survivor of his family from European Holocaust. "That piece of paper was the
only evidence that my father was the legal owner of a large house in the town
of Hrubieshow in eastern Poland. I never saw the house and probably never
will. My father heard that a pharmacy had been built in its place. He never
wanted to go back there to that place so permeated with pain. Perhaps he was
afraid to. I still feel that the house belongs to my family although we will
never return to that life. My father's story is not unique. My mother also
lost her family and her home. Most Israelis are refugees or the children of
refugees from Poland Germany and Russia Morocco Iraq Syria and other

The Israelis cannot go back. The Arabs must face it that they cannot go back
either. They must be assimilated into the existing Arab countries. Just like
Israel assimilated those Jews who fled persecution in the Arab countries
including Egypt Syria Iraq and Iran; so too must the existing Arab
countries take responsibility for their brethren.

Until the Arabs begin to do their share for peace there will be none. It is
time to put pressure on the Arabs to do bring in their people from out of
despair. It's not the job of Israel to look after the Jewish refugees of the
world and the Arabs too.

Respectfully yours

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