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Date: Thu 24 Jan 2002
Subject: Support Israel in the Battle Againsst Terrorism

Dear Sir:

I thank you for your continued support of Israel and its war against the
terrorists attacking its civilian population.

The Israeli Government is fighting a war against Arab gunmen. The Arabs are
fighting a war against civilians. The leaders of Arafat's PLO Hamas and
other terrorist groups in Israel and the West Bank are trying to rationalize
their attacks against civilians by claiming that the Israelis attacked them

It is difficult to equate the deaths of terrorists in their lair of bombs
with the murder of women waiting for a bus on a Jerusalem street. Yet the
Arabs have been trying to make this equation for the last 50 years. The
Israelis have put their own civilian population in jeopardy by carefully
limiting their response to terror against only the guilty. Despite the Arab
civilian populations rabid support of the terrorists Israel has been careful
to limit its responses to unpopulated targets.

One of this week's innocent victims in Jerusalem was a 79 year old
grandmother a survivor of the 1929 Arab massacre of Jews in Hebron. The
irony of her death - after 73 years the Arabs are still attacking innocent
civilians - only this time we hope the world will step forward and punish the

Last week it was a 70 year old American killed by the Arabs. Will the murder
of innocents by the Arabs ever end?

There will only be an end when the world tells the Syrians Iranians and
other Arabs that it will hold them accountable for their terrorist allies.
Despite the world's fight against terror the Arabs and Arafat are attacking
innocent civilians. Their objective is not just the establishment of another
Arab State but the destruction of the Jewish and Christian cultures in the
Middle East.

WE must stop them now. In Afghanistan in Iraq in Iran Lebanon Syria in
the other Arab countries and in Israel too.

I applaud your past support of Israel in its battles and urge your continued

Respectfully yours

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