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Date: Fri 15 Oct 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel - Free Iranian Jews


Dear Sir:

The Iranians have recently indicated that there is no plan to execute the
thirteen Jewish religious leaders imprisoned on charges of espionage.
These individuals have been in prison since the beginning of the year and
have been the focus of quiet pressure by the United States and other

If the recent reports are true it is cause for optimism but not for
complacency. I would like to thank our government for its efforts in this
matter of religious and racial persecution. PLEASE do not lessen your
efforts. The Iranians are not people who can be trusted.

A report out of the Palestinian areas today stated that the Iranians are
behind upcoming efforts at sabotage and mayhem that will be conducted in
Israel in order to disrupt the peace process. The Arabs and their allies
are people who cannot be relied upon.

Your continued efforts in bringing worldwide pressure against the
Iranians regarding the religious persecution and imprisonment of these
Jewish leaders is still urgently needed. Until these people are freed we
must not ease up on our efforts.

Your efforts toward the release of the Jews of Iran are appreciated and
encouraged. Please keep up the pressure.

Respectfully yours

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