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Date: Fri 1 Feb 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Cut off all contacts with Arafat's terrorists! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Prime Minister Sharon has said in recent interviews that in his upcoming
meeting with you in Washington he would ask your administration to cut off
contacts with Mr. Arafat. I think that is a good idea. I hope you accept
Prime Minister Sharon's suggestion on this matter.

There are others in Washington who have already publicly expressed their
support for such a move. In a January 23 letter to Secretary Powell
Representative Eliot Engel a member of the Middle East subcommittee of the
House International Relations Committee--called on the Secretary to add the
PLO to the list of terrorist groups published in the department's annual
Patterns of Global Terrorism report. Representative Jim Saxton has
announced plans to introduce a resolution in the House calling for the
removal of Palestinian Authority offices from the US and declaring the
Palestinian Authority a terrorist group. Representative Eric Cantor
chairman of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare
has already introduced the "Peace with Security Act" that calls for an end
to US aid to Arafat which currently runs to over 100 million dollars a

Representative Cantor summed it all up when he introduced this act: "The US
is committed to routing out terrorism wherever it exists. That commitment
should be reflected by a refusal to send any more American taxpayer dollars
to Mr. Arafat and his terrorist groups." Mr. President please join the
growing chorus of American voices demanding an end to American aid and
diplomatic contacts with Arafat and his terrorist Palestinian Authority.
Please accept Prime Minister Sharon's suggestion to cut of all contacts
with Arafat and his Palestinian terrorist groups.


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