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Date: Thu 7 Feb 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs are All Terrorists

Dear Sir:

I salute the Administration's stand regarding the arch terrorist Yasir Arafat
and urge a continued boycott of him by our State Department. Arafat was born
in Egypt in the 1920s and like other Arabs claiming to be Palestinian he has
used the largess of the world and the backs of poor Arabs throughout the
region to seek wealth and power.

In view of the current stand by the Administration and the visit by Israeli
Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to Washington D.C. one would think that Arafat
would try to control Arab violence in the region. But today we are greeted
with the news of the murder of a mother and daughter in their home by a
"courageous Arab freedom fighter" the capture of a suicide bomber on a bus-
thank G-d before he was able to detonate himself and the discovery of long
range rockets in an Arab produce truck on the West Bank.

These are the acts of a leader either determined to continue the "jihad
against the Jews" or unable to control his forces. In either case he must be
disregarded. And until the Arabs can contain the violence they must all be
considered "terrorists."

I thank you for your stand in support of Israel and urge you to continue to
stand behind the Israeli people who are facing Arab terrorism daily.

Respectfully yours

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