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Date: Sat 9 Feb 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Shut down terrorist PLO UN Mission! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Your policy of cutting off funding to regimes that harbor terrorists is a
correct one. You should apply it to Yasser Arafat's PLO which harbors
Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists and which recently conspired with Iran
(which you correctly named as part of the "axis of evil" threatening the
United States) to smuggle 50 tons of illegal weapons aboard the Karine A.
You should stop your administration's 100 million dollar annual subsidy of
the PLO and cut off all diplomatic contacts with it.

As a first step you can issue an executive order which does not require any
Congressional or judicial review declaring the PLO to be what its actions
have proven it to be--a terrorist entity. This will facilitate the
legislation currently under consideration in New York City to shut down the
PLO UN Mission in New York. Bin Laden and his Al Qaida group would not be
permitted to have an official police-protected diplomatic mission in
Manhattan. Arafat and his terrorist PLO deserve the same treatment.

Councilman Oliver Koppell has already presented to the New York City Council
a resolution requesting the federal government to declare the PLO a
terrorist group. As of 2/5/02 the resolution is cosponsored by members
Tony Avella Leroy Comrie Bill DeBlasio Simcha Felder Lewis Fidler
Dennis Gallagher Alan Gerson Martin Golden Andrew Lanza Michael Nelson
James Oddo Domenic Recchia and David Weprin.

Please Mr. President listen to the growing chorus of pleas by your fellow
Americans to be consistent and thorough in your war for enduring freedom
and to give no free pass to the terrorism and cruel bloodshed perpetrated by
Arafat and his PLO. If you will not do so for the sake of innocent
Israelis then do so for the sake of innocent Americans--for at this moment
increasing numbers of Al Qaida operatives are reported to have found haven
in Arafat's safe harbors for terrorism.


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