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Date: Tue 12 Feb 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Urge Israel to dismantle terrorist Palestinian Authority!(VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On February 11 your spokesman Richard Boucher although recognizing
Israel's right to self defense still condemned Israel's retaliatory
measures against the terrorist Palestinian Authority. I am appending his
statements at the end of this message for your ease of reference. I think
your administration is wrong to take this approach.

Instead of discouraging Israeli attacks on the personnel and infrastructure
of Arafat's terrorist Palestinian Authority you should be encouraging them
even with the unfortunate but inevitable collateral damage that is part of
any military campaign. You should do so not only for Israel's sake but
for America's sake as well. The Islamic terrorism that struck America on
9/11 and still threatens America today is the same Islamic terrorism that
Israel is fighting when it attacks Arafat's Palestinian Authority. This has
been made particularly clear by the recent reports from the Times of London
and the New York Post that the Al Qaida terrorist leaders that escaped our
military in Afghanistan have found a new safe haven in the territory
controlled by Arafat's Palestinian Authority. Thus your administration's
coddling of Arafat not only endangers Israelis but Americans too.

You had it right the first time Mr. President when in the wake of the
Karine A's capture by Israel you said that Arafat was "enhancing terror."
It is time for your administration to stop enhancing Arafat and his
Palestinian Authority. You should encourage Israel to dismantle the
terrorist PLO and to liberate Judea Samaria and Gaza from Arafat's reign
of terror.


Feb. 11 statement by Bush State Department Spokesman Richard Boucher:
"Though we understand the need for Israel to take steps to ensure its
self-defense we're seriously concerned about Israeli attacks over the past
several days on Palestinian Authority facilities particularly in areas that
are heavily populated by civilians" Boucher said.

"We're especially concerned by attacks on or near Palestinian prison
facilities reported releases of prisoners detained in those areas and
reports the United Nations facility was struck with possibly a UN official

"Attacks such as these are counterproductive to efforts to reduce the
violence and restore calm and we think that both sides need to remain
focused on the need for substantive ongoing security cooperation."

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