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Date: Sat 16 Feb 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Palestinian Arabs must make Peace or go live somewhere else

Dear Sir:

The following are two recent statements made by Yasir Arafat the first to
the world and the second to his people.

February 3 2002
N.Y. Times - In English

Now is the time for the Palestinians to state clearly and for the world to
hear clearly the Palestinian vision. But first let me be very clear. I
condemn the attacks carried out by terrorist groups against Israeli
civilians. These groups do not represent the Palestinian people or their
legitimate aspirations for freedom. They are terrorist organizations and I
am determined to put an end to their activities.

January 26 2002
Gaza T.V. - In Arabic

Yes brothers with our souls and blood we redeem you O Palestine. This is
the decision of the people of exceeding strength. This is a sacred bond. We
are up to this duty. You know I am saying this because I know our people. I
know what it means that in the midst of this economic (not only military)
crisis yet none of them complained. However they said: God is great! Glory
to God and his prophet! Jihad jihad jihad jihad jihad!

It is clear that Arafat considers us dumb. It is also clear that it is time
for us to consider him "irrelevant." It is time for us to say to the
Palestinian Arabs - either you accept peace with Israel or go somewhere else.
Israel has accepted hundreds of thousands of refugees from the Arab countries
-- those countries should accept their brothers in exchange.

Peace with Israel or go some where else!

Respectfully yours

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