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Date: Thu 21 Oct 1999
Subject: Support Israel! Don't give money to PLO terrorists! (VIPAC)


Dear Sir:

The Clinton administration has given hundreds of millions of US taxpayers'
dollars to the PLO and Arafat. I think that should stop particularly since
the PLO is using those funds to pay the salaries of murderers of Americans
whom they have placed on the payroll of their police/army. I will give you
one well-known example.

Nafez Mahmoud Sabih was involved in planning the two suicide bombing attacks
on Bus 18 in Jerusalem on February 25 and March 2 1996 and the suicide
bombing attack in Ashkelon on February 25 1996. Dozens of people including
American citizens Matthew Eisenfeld Sara Duker and Ira Weinstein were
killed in the attacks for which Hamas claimed responsibility. Currently this
PLO terrorist serves in the
Palestinian security forces. That means he is drawing a salary which is
subsidized by the funds sent to the PLO by the Clinton Administration.

I think it is time for the United States Government to stop paying the
salaries of those who have murdered American citizens. Therefore the US
Government should stop all transfer of funds to Arafat's terrorist PLO.
Instead our government should support Israel's right to secure borders in its
historical and Biblical homeland including Judea Samaria and the Golan

Martin Elsant
324 Howard Ave
Woodmere NY 11598

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