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Date: Sun 03 Mar 2002
Subject: Support Israel: Palestinian Arab Murderers Must Be Stopped

Dear Sir:

I support our country's stand against terrorism and urge you to continue with the Administration's position that the Palestinian Arabs terror groups are in the same category as the Al Queda and Taliban murderers.

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz gave the following report of Saturday night's murder of children and other civilians by an Arab suicide murderer: "The bomber stood next to a group of mothers standing with their babies in strollers at the entrance to a guesthouse and detonated a large explosive device that was strapped to his body."

The Arabs are not fighting a war- they are terrorists who are after the weak - women and children - in order to terrorize their adversaries. They have been fighting this war for decades against the world - hijackings kidnappings and other acts of terror have been perpetrated by these people and their followers since the middle of the 20th century. They are no different from the murders that attacked the World Trade Center and we must support Israel in its battle to destroy these murderers.

I read a comment from an Israeli spokesman stating that Israel was at a disadvantage in that the Arabs are attacking civilians something that the Israelis will not do.

It is for that reason that we must give Israel our complete support. We must stand behind those who follow our moral principles. Not with those who challenge the rights and liberties that Americans have come to expect.

It is time for us to stop supporting the Palestinian Arabs until they show that they can act according to the rules and values of civilized man. No money or moral support can be given until they can prove that they are a people that can stand in peace with the world.

Respectfully yours

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