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Date: Thu 28 Oct 1999
Subject: VIPAC - Support Israel


Dear Sir

The Press has reported that among the Arabs released by Israel as part of
the Wye agreement was a Nasr Abu -Hamad who was convicted in Israel of
murdering Palestinians. The press further reported that upon his return
to the Palestinian areas he was presented with a Kalishnikov rifle by
Palestinian authority security officials.

It seems hard to believe that these are the people that our
administration is demanding that the Israelis make peace with. The
formula for peace is to construct an atmosphere of trust. The arming of
murderers by the Palestinians is not conducive to fostering a trust of
the Arabs by the Israelis. One would think that there are no other able
bodied Arabs to protect the Palestinian peoples other than murderers
released from prison.

We must demand concessions from the Arabs - the release of military
prisoners the punishment of murders of Americans as well as Israelis and
other concrete concessions - not empty rhetoric.

Until the Arabs made concrete concessions toward peace the Israelis will
never gain the trust in them that a true and lasting peace requires.

I urge you to support Israel and pressure the Arabs to live up to their
part of the "Peace."

Respectfully yours

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