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Date: Sun 14 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel America's only true friend! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

I want to thank you for the job you are doing and for your strong stance
against terrorism. However I must confess that I am both sad and ashamed
about our nation's policies regarding Israel. I feel like we have betrayed
the only true friend we have in the world.

I understand that you must face enormous pressures particularly from the
oil-rich Arab countries. But it occurs to me that if nations like Saudi
Arabia apply immense economic pressure in order to protect known terrorists
such as Yasser Arafat then they are fundamentally no different from the
Taliban or the governments of Iraq and Iran. Shouldn't we treat them the
same way?

My prayer and my plea is that we as a nation and you as a leader will stand
squarely behind Israel in its fight against terrorism and for its security.
In light of our war in Afghanistan and your very powerful public statements
against terrorism and those who harbor or aid terrorists in any way how can
we do any differently?

Mr. President please know that our thoughts and our prayers are with you.





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