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Date: Tue 16 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel and Oppose Europeans tradition of Jew Hatred! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

Thank you for improving the tenor of your administrations remarks this last
week concerning Israel's efforts to end the Oslo War. You have stood up to
the Europeans who tolerate violence against their local Jewish populations
and support Islamic terror against the Jews of Israel consistent with the
unquenchable thirst for Jewish blood that they have relentlessly exhibited
over the last two thousand years. As a result of your taking a different
tone from the Europeans you have come across as a much stronger leader.

However I am concerned about your encouraging Secretary Powell to visit with
Arafat. By so doing I'm convinced that you are rewarding Arafat's Islamic
terror that threatens Israel and America. Please do not permit Secretary
Powell to meet with Arafat any more. Instead please put Arafat and his
organizations back on America's priority list of terrorist organizations
where they belong and stop sending them $100 million in annual aid from
American tax coffers.





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