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Date: Thu 18 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel In Its War Against Arab Terror
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Dear Sir:

At the recent Washington D.C. rally in support of Israel Natan Scharansky
a former Soviet Prisoner of Conscious and presently a minister in the Israeli
government spoke about the terror innocent Israeli citizens face on a daily
basis. He described a husband leaving the house in the morning for work
giving his wife a kiss and saying "I love you." Not for affection but
because he does not know if a murderous attack will keep him from ever
returning home.

This is the terror the Israelis face each day. Until the Arabs stop attacking
innocent civilians; until they practice peace instead of murder; Israelis
will be subject to this terror.

From the beginning of the Oslo process the Arabs had seven long years in
which to teach their people about peace. That was not a priority of theirs.
For 100 years they have been attacking and murdering the Jews of Palestine
now Israel. They had an opportunity to earn the trust of the Israeli people.
But Yasir Arafat and his people have failed. They did no different this time.
Arafat and his comrades are nothing but murderers. They are not patriots nor
militants; they are simply murderers.

Until the Arabs prove to the Israelis and the rest of the world that they are
true partners in peace we cannot ask Israel to allow them an independent
state. Such trust cannot be earned over a week or even years. It is one thing
for Israel to make a "cold peace" with an Egypt whose armies are miles away
from Israel's main population centers. It is another to allow a state of
murderers within yards of your civilian population.

We cannot stop Israel a democratic country from defending its people and
the Jews around the world from the malicious hate of the Arabs. We must bring
all our efforts to bear to support Israel in this fight.

I applaud you stand against terrorism and I urge you to continue to support
Israel in its war against Arab terror.

Respectfully yours




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