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Date: Sun 28 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel's fight against Islamic terror that threatens all! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

After hearing reports of Israeli troop movements in Judea on April 26 you
said the following: "The Israelis understand my's now time to
quit it altogether. It's time to end this.'' Yet those Israeli troop
movements yielded impressive results. The New York Times reported on April
27 on page A8 that by virtue of these maneuvers the Israeli army "had
stopped three suicide bombers on their way to carry out a synchronized

How could you possible wish for such efforts of the Israeli army to end? Why
shouldn't those three homicide bombers be stopped before they committed their
intended crimes of mass murder? If you knew of three Islamic suicide bombers
on their way to attack America would you also disapprove of military efforts
to catch them before they act? As a concerned American citizen I certainly
hope that you do not practice what you preach to Israelis.

There is an alternative course outlined by Senator John McCain on April 23:
"No American leader should be expected to sell a false peace to our ally
consider Israel's right to self-defense less legitimate than ours or insist
that Israel negotiate a political settlement while terrorism remains the
Palestinians' preferred bargaining tool."

I wish your administration would heed Senator McCain's call and stop
pressuring Israel to end its war against Arafat's Islamic terror. To stop
fighting terror is tantamount to surrendering to terror and that is an
outcome neither Israel nor America can afford.





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