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Date: Mon 29 Apr 2002
Subject: Support Israel! Crush Islamic terror not Israel! (VIPAC)

Dear Mr. President:

On April 26 you said: "One thing that the world can count on is that we will
not allow Israel to be crushed." Yet the enormous pressure your
administration is applying to Israel can fairly be described as crushing.
For example:

1) Prime Minister Sharon agreed to enter negotiations with the PLO only
after "seven days of quiet." Secretary Powell stood by the Prime Minister's
side in Jerusalem endorsing the Prime Minister's position. Yet your
administration subsequently applied crushing pressure for Israel to drop that
demand and forced Israel to do so.

2) Your administration originally declared that it would veto one-sided
anti-Israel resolutions in the UN. Yet you applied crushing pressure on
Israel to accept a UN "fact-finding" team even though a member of that team
had publicly equated the Star of David to the Swastika. Your administration
went so far as to inform Israel that if it did not accept this team you
would decline to veto a UN demand that an even more biased and powerful
inquisition be launched against Israel.

3) You declared your support for Israel's position that the killers of
Minister Ze'evi be brought to justice. Yet after complaints from the
Saudis your administration applied crushing pressure on Israel to accept a
mock trial lasting less than one day as justice for these killers. And
that pressure was so intense that Israel yielded to it yesterday.

Mr. President if your administration keeps crushing Israel--our strongest
ally in the war against Islamic terror--and keeps forging strong personal
bonds with Saudi Arabia (as you claim to have done in Crawford Texas) even
though Saudi Arabia continues to fund Al Qaeda how do you expect to win our
war against terror? If Heaven forbid another 15 Saudi Arabian suicide
bombers kill thousands of Americans again as they did on 9/11 to whom will
you turn for help? Whose fault will it be if at such a dark moment America
stands alone?





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